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    79 anglers were faced with a slow neap tide ebbing for the first half the match and then flooding. Altogether there was a total catch of over 1,775lb and that included at least one DNW, I know, I was that man! I think there were over 40 20lb weights and I was told at least one 30lb+ weight of roach on the pole. It was the bream and skimmers that made the news though on a coloured river with 9 inches of clarity on my colourometer.

    In form peg 22 had a brilliant local river angler on it who used to be a regular but hasn’t fished for a number of years now, Eddie Hall. He said that for the first half of the match his rod tip was never still with bites and line bites. He had to sit on his hands in true bream fishing style until he knew that a fish had hung itself. There were fish throughout the Beauchamp Arms length though and 30lb wasn’t enough to even get a section default in some areas.

    1st Eddie Hall, Gt Yarmouth AA, peg 22 with feeder caught bream and skimmers for 51lb 10oz
    2nd Tony Anderson, Diawa Angling Direct, peg 107 with a similar catch for 49lb 12oz
    3rd Rabbie Abbott, Breakaway Tackle, peg 23 was matching the winner fish for fish until the last part of the match and weighed 44lb 15oz
    4th Simon Elliot, not sure of any sponsor or the peg, 44lb 10oz
    5th Lol Higgins, Suffolk County, on peg 129 with 42lb 8oz

    Sections of 7 or 8 pegs were won as follows:-

    Reggie Bryant had a double default to win the section with 31lb 15oz
    Brian Weavers 28.14
    Dave Jarvis 16.8
    Nick ( I have got just over 20lb) Larkin 32.8
    Bob Cheeseman 33.10
    Mick Mirguax 30.00
    Chris Kelly 34.8
    C. Kemp 21.10
    Andy Moss 32.4
    James Parnell 37.8
    Simon Newman 31.15

    Can’t wait for next weekends double header 🙂

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    taking my dad to the broads a week friday and saturday, where would you recommend for the saturday as was thinking the beachamps on the friday. Also, what kind of times does the yare at beauchamps tend to fish the best, is it tide dependant?


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    You could do worse than to fish at St Bennets Abbey on the R. Bure on the Saturday. Generally the boats are not so bad on a Saturday as the hire boats normally change over then. I would fish in front of the Abbey ruins. Day tickets are available in Ludham at the general store. Low water about 12.30 (mid day).

    A fortnight’s time there will be low water around 11.15 am at Beauchamp on the Friday so an early start would be a good idea to fish the tide down. It is rare to catch fish well on both tides but if you do then you have a bumper day.

    If you fished either venue in the evening or early morning you would almost certainly catch better than we do during the matches, especially with the tides as they are in a fortnight.

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    Brilliant river fishing and better than 200lb from a commercial any day of the week…

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    cheers for the replies, waveney is the beauchamps stretch perminantly pegged? Noticed looking at other sites and match results that pegs 22 and 23 seem to be the most consistant on the stretch, so thought i’d give them a go if I can. Are they a walk from the pub, and can you park in their car park, or is a different access better? Also, day tickets for the beauchamp stetch? Are they from the pub or do I need to get to a tackle shop first or can I buy on the bank?

    Are for st bennetts, liking the look of it caught an old go fishing the other day on sky and it looks a cracking spot. Again, access….is it walking from ludham? Parking in the abbey car park? Or is there another form of access….not been able to find the info really.

    Cheers for your help, the old man is champing at the bit already about it.

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    Yes, the Yare is ‘permanently pegged and those peg22 and 23 are flyers. It is a walk from the pub and the bank is currently all cracked up, you need a trolley unless you go really light. They are by the brick pumping station that you can see to your left (upstream) if you stand to the left of the pub on the flood bank. Peg 59 is the first one to the left of the pub and there is no nearer access.

    The pub is at the bottom of the picture with the large shadow across the river which are some trees. Currently we park in the pub car park for matches but I think they ask you to park outside by the caravan for pleasure fishing. It isn’t far from there to the river though. Day tickets for that stretch are sold on the bank.

    For St Bennets you can park right by the Abbey ruins if you get there early enough! Day tickets you can buy in the general store at Ludham the day before if you are going early. During the day the boats can ruin it for you though.


    The lane down to St Bennets is called St Bennets Rd at the bottom of the map, it is just a track though with the car park at the end. Have a look here for details about the fishing available from Norwich & District AA.

    Hope that helps and that the weather is good for you.

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    By the way, pegs 22 and 23 are on the map where there is an almost 90 degree indentation in the far bank and a large tree on the near bank. They are obviously very popular pegs and a long walk if they are already taken when you get there! I would suggest maybe the 90’s and 100’s by the concrete bridge, a short walk, parking no problem and plenty of pegs.

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    Me an a mate fished fished 96 and 97 today and it was crap. We had about 12lb of small roach between us. Not sure what we have done wrong, certainly wasn’t lack of feed as we have put loads in. There was one other angler on 86 who I think fishes the opens. He said he caught 2 good roach in his first couple of chucks but then he also caught lots of small stuff, especially after the tide turned.

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    What tide did you fish and how far did you chuck?

    A remember there’s a lot of river anglers who would be happy with 12lb of Roach.

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    while i’d be happy with 12lb of roach myself from the rivers round here, i’m hoping for a good few skimmers, big roach and bream but we shall see.

    Hoping the yare and bure bream love sensas magic and brown crumb mixed. Does the groundbait need to be mixed wet and heavy?

    Thanks very much for the info btw, I will post when back as to how I have got on.

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    Regarding groundbait, you need it to come out of the feeder fairly quickly as when you are on the skimmers you can often get a bite almost as soon as the feeder touches the bottom. I don’t leave the feeder out there for more than 3 minutes anytime so again it needs to empty when you lift your rod to retrieve. I like it sticky but dryish so that happens, well, I think it does anyway!

    Today, there was a very big tide and for most the fishing was very hard after the first hour. It did seem that at least in some areas there are so many small eels, you get a bite within a couple of minutes off them. Some are so small though they just rip the bait off the hook so hooking them is quite difficult.

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