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    Looking to get a new 4m landing net handle any recommendations ?

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    The Frenzee FXT is on special at £107 at fosters in Brum, although I do not know what it’s like.
    Where do you use a 4m handle? Rivers?

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    I’ve had the Drennan Acolyte handle for a few months now and been well pleased with it threads seem nice and secure – screwed butt cap – I even slipped down the bank with it and it helped break my fall and still survived.
    It has basic graphics & colour but seems a decent bit of kit comes in a plastic tube as well – I would recommend buy one if you don’t mind the price tag.

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    another vote for the acolyte had 1 since came out great handle but it is expensive but looks like it last years very strong and stiff.

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    Maver Competition is superb. And ya can get em for under £100 now.

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    If money no object then garbolino netsy 366 or H1…. expensive tho. Also colmic premium handle also very good.

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    I’ve had an Acolyte for about 12 months now, was pleased with it until recently then I noticed that the brass thread in the second section was coming out, seems the ‘pin’ isn’t long enough to secure the thing into the carbon and hold it there, had no option but to superglue the thing back in.

    I don’t trust it anymore and won’t use it at it’s shorter length and only use it for silvers now at its full length, gone back to my Series 7 2.7 metre for carp/commercial work. I was a big fan of Drennan gear but this has really put me off to be honest, not something you would expect from a £100+ landing net handle.

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    I use the Daiwa Tournament. Excellent landing net pole. Strong, light and stiff. Threads seem as though they will last a good few years. Like anything you buy from Daiwa – well made. £90.00 from Angling Direct best price around.
    However, if you are prepared to spend the money Garbolino Netsy is best by far. You’ll pay way over a ton.

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    I used a garbo netsy 366 for years and well pleased with it – recently the thread on the middle section has failed so time for a change
    Got myself the Acolyte, but could not get on with it at all – lovely handle, but no where near as stiff as the garbo was, and its a lot slimmer too and just doesn’t feel right
    So I offloaded the drennan and got the MAP parabolix handle – superb piece of kit – very much like the garbo, but certainly stronger, maybe a touch heavier but not an issue – super stiff so lunging at a fish its bang on. brass pinned threads so secure and around 30 notes cheaper than the drennan – highly recommend it!

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    Or if you want something for carp. Take a Look at colmic speci 3.6m handle. Had all the handles. Torney garbo acolyte. Airity. For Carp this knocks the socks off everything. Unbelievably stiff and no heavier than others. Over the moon with mine. Still have a netsy 366 and maver comp one. But use colmic on commies £75 think they are

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