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      A good weeks angling at ringstead grange this week despite the high winds boats gaining the advantage this week as being able to get behind the wind and more shaded areas of the lake .
      Buzzer patterns still dominating the catches and indicators very effective but now the first damsel hatces are happening it wont be long untill damsels are in full swing.
      Water clarity is still gin clear and temperature of water is 18.3 degrees and stocking takes place early week
      Best catches this week
      N. Cheetham (ringstead) 20 fish 2_3.5 lb
      D. Fellows (market harbrough) 7 fish including a six and a half pound rainbow which was returned safefly
      G robinson 5 fish icluding a 3.5 brownie
      N silver (Kettering) 7 fish 2-3lb
      Liam johnson (higham ) 7 fish 2-3lb
      A rennocks (nhampton) 7 fish 2-3lb
      Steve quartley london 7 fish 2- 3.5lb
      Banks best areas .
      Willow bay . addington road . top bank

      Boats best areas
      The deeps. front lodge . addington road .
      Mill corner .

      Best flies . baby daddy. Orange fabs . blue damsels . black. Claret . or green buzzers black hoppers

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