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    Pike Fishing went well over the first three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

    Anglers came from all over the country, hoping to catch a big one.
    The largest fish was hooked by Mr Rylark from Wellingborough weighing in at 16lbs. He also went on and caught a further 3 pike at 14lbs, 11lbs and 10lbs.
    Mark Simmons (St Neots) caught 2 pike at 12lbs and 10lbs.
    Chris James (Bedford) caught 1 fish at 7lbs and a bace of Jacks.
    James Bishop (Bedford) caught 2 at 12lbs a piece
    Mark Tubbut (Yorkshire) caught 1 at 8lbs and 1lbs 7lbs
    Paul Spencer (Southhampton) caught 2 at 9lbs and one at 8lbs.

    Trout anglers also did well despite a very wet day on Saturday.
    Bob Fairclough (Rothwell) had a brace of 3 pounders.
    David Hay (Corby) caught 3 at 2lbs a piece.
    Bob Symes (Geddington) had a full limit
    Nigel Cheatham (Oundle) caught 5 at 2 and a half lbs each

    Best Areas for Boats:
    Sand bank and the Deeps

    Best Areas for Bank:
    Willow bay and the Lodge Front

    Best Flies:
    Buzzers, Blobs, Cats Whisker and Hare Ears

    Pike Fishing will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. These 3 days and will follow on weekly, right through until the end of December.

    Prices are the same as last year, £10 per angler (Bank) and £20 (Boats) for 1 angler. Boat for 2 is £30.

    Dead baits and lures only. Lures must over 6 inches in length. No lives bait or spinners allowed.

    For all bookings please contact Rosemary Foster on 01933 622960 or 07584241078 or [email protected]

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