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    This box has been and still is a great box,just had a new one bought me.
    This cost me £809.99 from Nathans of Derby.
    As you can see it has a 30mm side draw and 30mm front draw under the seat.
    In the stack it has two 30mm winder trays and one 60mm deep tray(tackle not included).
    There are a few marks on the frame and wear to the footplate but this is to be expected as it is used,i got a quote of £50 to get it sprayed up but with getting new box early i havent got the space and also new owner can get it done in whatever colour you want.
    Seat is the soft/comfy leather pole heel one but has a little split on one corner…its been like this for ages so will last forever.
    There are 5 extending legs(one extra).
    All the tightening knobs work as they should(1 brand new one waiting to be fitted).
    2 x keepnet arms.

    The back plate is in tact but as you can see from picture it needs replacing…these are £25 from Nathans….again i thought it better to let new owner buy so i can sell cheaper.

    So for £75 this box would look as new and we all know how good they are and how cool they look and also how expensive they are.

    I am willing to post the box but could be around £30 or i do fish in the stoke on trent area nearly every week or i am willing to meet up if you help out with my fuel.

    If you have any more questions please either mail me or call/text me on 07809290660.

    Thanks for looking.

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    I cant see any picture of this box, but pm me as I would be interested in it for a mate who is starting match fishing 🙂

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    Pics sent buddy.

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    Sorry if I am missing something here but how much do you want for this box?

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