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        ive had a rear wheel kit for some time now and i found it a little uncomfortable to use the handle comes straight off the legs and is very low and to push it along i have to stoop im over 6 foot also the design of the handle means that both your hands are very close together and its quite difficult to manuver, the best thing is the simple way the wheels attatch really quick and easy, ive used a barrow in the past but i cant be arsed to set it up load the kit bungee strap etc, the rive kit is great but the handle needs altering,i went to a local aluminium supplier got 2 700mm lengths of 25mm ali tube for a fiver, i worked out that i needed to gain 200mm so i took it to a tube fabricator and got it shaped that cost fifteen quid, i took off the rive attatchments and connected them to the new handles, hey presto ive now got barrow type handles, i cant tell you how much better the box is to push and all my gear fits a treat

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