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    anyone familiar with rosemarywood -is it fishing and what pegs on which lake- fancy a little pleasure session in the morning there- dont live far but havnt done much on there…….

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    peg 15 is often a flier on the small lake if the wind is right. Its the corner of the 1st island on the left hand bank. However, i would go for a peg on the wind end of the lake which should hold plenty of big F1s, ide and carp. You should catch regularly by chucking to any of the corners of the islands or up to the reeds. The only pegs that i suggest you avoid are the few pegs in the open water. Those pegs are always crap. The fish in that lake love those islands and reeds. Hair rigged corn is usually the best hook bait at this time of year. Either bomb, small method or small cage feeder. The temps have been very good for a while now. So, 50lb+ is possible if you get things right.

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    thanks for that chopped worm n caster any good on the pole?

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    You will likely catch a few ide on worm and caster in the small lake. 40p for a tin of corn and you should catch plenty of big F1s and carp. If you fancy a net of silvers on the pole. Try the big lake. Its stuffed full of skimmers.

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    Peg 6 or 7 is a flyer on that small lake,just to the corner of the right hand island to the point where the bare bank is,even at this time of year its a carp a chuck off that point.

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