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        not exactly prolific!
        how ever most of us caught something.
        1 spotted ray
        2 hounds biggest 10lbs(to a first time boat angler!)
        1 baby bream
        2 conger biggest 20+
        1 undulate ray (ME!! first one 9lbs)
        usual doggies not many tho
        a few mackrel(bloody hard to catch!)
        like a ay not loads but was b loody lovely day to be on the water! and a cople of PBs and some course anglers are now sea anglers also!

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          Still good bit better than we did out of Langstone.

          1 dog, 1 undersized Tope and a Smalleye Ray of just over 4lbs.
          Mackerel were not easy, but a fair number of Launce caught

          Still, was a lovely day.

          Wednesdays trip out of Eastbourne looks like a no hoper.

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