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    Save Our Sea Bass

    B.A.S.S. has created a new website called “Save Our Sea” that aims to focus the concerns that many people across Europe have about the sad state of the sea bass population and convert them into effective action over a sustained period to get things changed for the better. In particular, the website encourages people to get their voices heard by sending emails directly to the decision-makers (whose email addresses are provided).

    B.A.S.S. will also be creating a series of petitions under the “Save Our Sea Bass” banner, focused on exerting pressure on the most urgent issues at any moment. The first of these petitions has just been launched and deals with the recent EU proposals for Vessel Catch Limits and an increase in the Minimum Conservation Reference Size to 42cm. These proposals will be decided in Brussels in the next few days and weeks and the petition is aimed at the EU fisheries Ministers who will make those decisions.

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