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    Out of curiosity, not including deep bases and rigs, interested in what items of tackle match anglers carry in there boxes to a match on a standard commercial?

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    Hi Chris, the main items I carry , a disgorger, and plummets, more than one of each , plummets various weights and sizes, shots, line, a loop tyer, baiting needles, hooks, hook tyer, Vaseline , scissors, nail clippers, insulation tape

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    Lot of our “Lads” carry big tubs of vaseline…..strange that!

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    Painkillers for me or a deserving case . Recently thought a happy pill ???? For that bloke on the next peg . The one that is so depressed you want to go home with him , before you even tackle up !!! 😀 😀 😀

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    @Time Traveller wrote:

    Lot of our “Lads” carry big tubs of vaseline !

    You never know if your pole needs it on that frosty day out ? 😀

    Even the eyes on ya qiuck stick like a good dose of vas on um!

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