Sensas 884,or maybe 874 ..anyone got one?

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    Just a bit of info/help required.
    What are all the different tag colours on the tops about..i can understand the 4 top uk powers,i green match top that comes in pole..
    Then there is a silver long top 3,a blue top 4 then a yellow top 4 and also 3 yellow top 3’s.
    The blue yellow and green are all match topsbut why the different colours.


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    silver and black are competition kits, the lightest rated to about a number 8

    the yellow and green kits (3 peice green) are match kits, rated to 12

    blue are the big fish kits, a bit like a top 3 power kit

    red are power/carp top kits

    and another green, but with UK power on them….it’s big and hard to miss on the section…., are a lighter power kit

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