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    Does anyone know where I can still get a bag? I’ve just used the last of mine(got it a couple of years ago). I think its discontinued but im sure some tackle shops must have some somewhere?? I’ve tried so called giant/monster hemp from other suppliers but its been nowhere as big as the sensas.
    Also I’ve just run out of my bag of tares(great stuff but had the bag for about 5 years and cant remember where I got it from) so any suggestions for the best ones out there?

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    I’m pretty sure Angling Direct in Norwich have got some

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    Thanks mate but managed to get some from Harrison sports 🙂

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    I bought a 15kg sack from Cookes in Rotherham in March so I know they do it. Cant get it to split on cooking though!!!! I have boiled it up for 3 hours and it just will not split so I am guessing its old stuff. Still works but I do like to see the white shoot.
    Its about 4mm in size incidentally.

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    don’t know what it is with giant/monster hemp. Even the sensas stuff I use takes a lot of prep to get it right.

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    Any pointers please other than boil it forever!

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    I normally bring it to boil When I first put in pan from start then leave it in the garage for a couple of days and keep an eye on it.if the scum on top starts going mouldy I’ll sieve it and wash it then boil it up again and keep an eye on it till it splits. It’s a bit of a pain with the big stuff but now I do enough for quite a few sessions then freeze it. I then break a chunk off enough for 1 session. Used to use a thermos flask years ago for my big hookers but it’s just getting harder to prep these days for some reason

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    Sounds sensible I will give it a go as my sack is still quite full.
    Agree its sensible to prepare a batch and freeze it..

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    I normally stick in in a pan covered in water, and stand it in the garage for 2/3 days to soak. After that, a pinch of salt and cook.

    I’ve had bulk stuff in the past from the local pet shop that wouldn’t split. If it’s dead, no amount of soaking and boiling will split it.

    I stick to Sensas now

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    I agree with that mate. I think the key is to soak more than usual.

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    Just under £8 for a 400g bag, that makes this stuff similar in price to worms.

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