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      Corndawg moderator

        ‘Ow do,

        Has anyone seen,own,or looked at one of these rods,and what is your opinion please?.

        I am going to retire my Shakey In2’s,and the old Milbro,and saw these from an online store.

        I looked at the specs on the Shimano site,and I reckon they are just what I want,at a price I can afford……

        Any info will be gratefully accepted…


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        Corndawg moderator

          Ade you cheeky so and so !!!! LOL

          You know full well we Mods do this for free…………

          WHich is why my budget is so low ! :0)

          To be honest,

          I was looking at the Lureflash/Powerstorm “Morpheus”,in the shop,but £149 is way out of my budget……

          I can hazzard a guess,that at a push,I could do £70 a rod,with me wanting two…………

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          Corndawg moderator

            And for the record….

            The Alivio medium feeder rod is quite a tidy bit of kit !!

            Spot on for bomb work on Carp puddles!! :0P

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              How much for the alivio?

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              Corndawg moderator

                The Alivio,is £39.99 or there abouts……..

                The old Milbro is worthless,as I have put some new rings on,because the old chrome jobbies were knackered…….

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                    I wish when I was a Student I had the cast to spend on a decent rod. 😉

                    If you are getting serious about surfcasting, then invest a bit more!

                    The alivio is bottom of the range and this is an advice a friend gave me on this forum; Buy a good outfit if you can afford it!

                    If you are buying bottom of the range you will want to upgrade and spend more money!

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                    Corndawg moderator

                      Cheeky sod !!!!!!!

                      I do own a couple of multis I thank you !!!!!!!!

                      Granted,not the Slosh or Penn breed,but good enough for me,as I am still getting used to them.

                      I will see what happens….

                      The better half has got the grip on the wallet at the mo,which was why I was looking through the cheaper end of things…..

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                      Corndawg moderator

                        It could be a lot worse !!!!

                        I could have spent £40 on a pair of RT Zensorflex rods !!!!!

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                          I have a steadfast 2xl 10ft rod and I still use it today! A few years ago pointdestress were selling them for £19!

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                            Although I only possess one; Diawa rods are not bad for the money and the sandstorm is a reasonable rod, keep your eyes open for a Diawa Supercast, second hand it will cost about £70.

                            Have a look at new prices here.


                            I think in the long run, you would regret buying a cheap rod.

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                              I’ve an Alivio! LOL 😉


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                                BTW, does penn still do their BOGOF deals? I remember the Vandetta Long range 12.6 were for were going for £80 and you get one free! Veals were selling them at that time!

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                                  Zziplex? Never heard of? Any good?

                                  Is Zziplex better than Ron Thompson?

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                                    On my money RT’s are a good buy, with no fish they catch the same as others.
                                    No money! go for hand line, you may catch more than us.

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                                      IMHO you get what you pay for with fishing rods. Occasionally as with Penn Bogoff deals you can get a bargain (yup I got two vendettas for £75) so RT £50 rrp rods wont be much good, both in terms of action rings and finish, my advice would be to buy rods from mainstream suppliers, ABU, Daiwa, Greys, Penn, Shakey max your spend and you won’t go far wrong. I must admit I quite like my Greys rods and two GRX 13 footers at Twenty quid over your budget should fit the bill.

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                                      Corndawg moderator

                                        Right gents……

                                        I bit the bullet Tuesday,and went on a spending spree….

                                        I had a long,hard look at the Lureflash Morpheus,and the Hydra M,and whilst good,solid rods,was out of the money for me,but are serious contenders for the future.

                                        I settled on a pair of Daiwa Meanstreaks,ay £60 each,with a Big Pit reel,and some line.

                                        I am probably going to get some flak,so lets have it.

                                        Admittedly,they feel a 1000 x better than the old Shakey rods,and they do feel like they have some backbone,and will be giving them a maiden outing next week.

                                        If there is any info,contructive critisism or otherwise,I would appreciate it now,before I take them out………



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                                          Does the big pit reel have rear drags?

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                                            No Flak from me Daiwa good kit..

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                                            Corndawg moderator


                                              The Pit reel doesn’t have a rear drag………

                                              It is the Theseus Carp big pit reel,from Fishing republic…


                                              My French is non exsistant mate,but I think you are saying it is ok……….. LOL


                                              Not normally a Daiwa bloke,but hay,I can’t knock ’em til I try ’em !!…. :0)

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                                                Got ya, so it’s a bait runner? Size 50 or 60?

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                                                  Ive been using shimano 10000 baitrunners, one broke first time out, coudnt cut the mustad of throwing a 2oz lead with .10 (30lb) braid

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                                                  Corndawg moderator


                                                    It’s a big pit reel…….


                                                    No baitrunner,no rear drag….

                                                    Bloody good reel though !!!!!

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                                                      Look decent enough for Sufcasting!

                                                      BTW maggit, how much did you pay for the Shimano 10000 Baitrunner? How did it broke?

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                                                        Blimey, should ‘av said ‘break’!

                                                        I bought dee Stella to catch ballyhoo!

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