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    Hi I’m after some top kits for this pole does anyone know of any other tops that will fit as the original ones r hard to come by thanks

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    Try out the Middy power kits, they fit also the old Maver power kits, they fit too.
    I have the original pole and still use it.

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    Just checked out the paperwork for the kits I bought this year.
    You need Middy Nano core karp2 g 25 kits, they are £40 each part number is 20591.
    Fishing Republic in my area do them.
    A couple of other options to explore, Milo kits fit, the universal ones but you do have to cut them back quite a bit. The ones I have are very old I bought them at the Evesham festival way back.
    One other option, Scott at Esselle made me a short extension for the Shimano number 4 that would accept Daiwa top kits, it was only £25, sadly for me it blew into Bollingey with my spare number 4 a few years back whilst I was netting a carp.

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    Thanks for that

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