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      TF_Leaky Lloyd

      hi all,,
      im thinking of having a pleasure session this friday at the 2 ponds at shireoaks near worksop!
      i think some know it as Kaz’s,,use to be owned by a polish bloke years ago?
      anyway,,im gunna fish the 1st pond,,with the big island and the willow tree which is falling into the lake?
      any advice welcome..
      noted pegs at this time of year?
      bets methods?
      bets feeding approaches?
      or any other advice you may waht to share!

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      2 rods, lob one to the island, one in the margins, place them on ya buzzers and go to sleep. Thats what it seems everyone else does there, I havent seen anyone match style fishing it for ages now. I got fed up of people chucking great leads into my peg so sacked it off.

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      TF_Leaky Lloyd

      watched a kid on monday matt,,he was bagging quality bream on gb feeder,,looked like a match angler,,,keepnets allowed too!
      not to talkative though!
      hense this thread!

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      Ah, nice one pal, havent been for a few months, might come down and join ya for a bit, send me a pm if you deffo going

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      TF_matt rosevear

      pegs on the back wall facing the pub or the fist 3 round the bend facing the road are your best bet this time of year mate a lot deeper than the pub end,used to fish it a lot a few years ago

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      TF_Leaky Lloyd

      sound matt,,i wont know if im going till friday morning mate,,see what the weathers like and see if the enemy’s in the right mood,,!
      ill let you know pal!

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      Fished the back lake quite a bit this year, fished right round the far end in the marsh! Fished GB feeder and corn for decent bream, GB feeded and maggot for hundreds of 4-5oz skimmers, fished pole and pellet for good bream and a trout on the pole!!

      The front lake has a better stamp of skimmers averaging a pound, but not many bigger! they usually show to the pole line as well.

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      TF_Leaky Lloyd

      nice one matty,,,!
      any noted pegs on the front pool,,think i’ll be fishing that one!!!

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      hi,walk round the big laketill you have got the river behind you,look in the edge till you see abrick built arch,to the left of the island.if you can sit so you can fish right into it with the pole thats were the lumps sit in the need to have your pole float nearly touching the bricks.always caught in the winter there.then set up a groundbait feeder line to the island for the skimmers.i always caught a few lumps inbetween the skimmers this time of the year.i think they back off into the tunnel for cover,i used a big bait and just trickled a few pellets in as feed

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      TF_Leaky Lloyd

      thanks for that mate,,but to be honest i think ill be more interested in a net of skimmers!!!!
      gunna wait and see what weathers like tomorrow,,,not fishing if its freezing cold!!!!!

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