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    Lots on here want to try it . I posted what I did when I used to fish mashed bread . which is exactly the same thing . Some ignoramus suggested that some one else was needed to be on here cause he was the expert ?? He don’t come on here so I’ll give you some essential tips for free !!! After all the fellow who was said to be the master is on the venue website as the expert and charges for Tuition ? Let’s hope he pays tax on his income because if you make a living from fishing then you are subject to Tax. All questions for Free !! 😀 😀 😀 😮

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    Paul, its one thing to be told or shown how to fish sloppy groundbait and another to be able to do it . Everyone knows what the ” venue expert ” does and uses but nobody can do it as good as he does , in the same way as we all knew what you were doing but couldn’t compete even if we employed the same method . Having said all that id still love to hear your take on the method , especially if its info for free 😉 😉 😉

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    Good I know we are mostly watching the European cup . But a few free tips . I gave them before but the ignoramus stole my thunder ? To make sloppy gb work you have to thro in what they want . Fish v Bread , meat or anything you can invent as long as fish want to eat it . Mans carp are a bit wary of gb shallow on the pole , They will go round and round and occasionally have o go F 1 hybrids are the success for this method and produce the biggest weights . The single biggest secret I will give away is this !!! And this is why I will not go back and try is this . What you thro in for F1s needs to be on the hook !!! Simply that means when I threw in mashed bread I had bread on the the hook . The man who is now rid of me makes castor or maggot work amongst the sloppy groundbait . His groundbait comes in a sexy bag with funny smells and contains plenty of bread IMO . He gets it for nought and is IMO still using Bread same as I was !! Bans for some and not for Laccies .!!! Asks me another , it’s free .!! 😀 😀 😀

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    When you first posted on here your mashed bread method had been banned , I did ask you why it had been banned , when others were still being allowed to use a very similar method i.e. ” sloppy groundbait ” . You never did give an answer Paul , so ill ask again . Whats the difference between using mashed bread and using sloppy groundbait ???

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    I couldn’t answer that . I never had the opportunity . Mashed bread is no different whatsoever from groundbait sold in bags . Other than by name . Ridding me of my method only changed the face of the winning faces by one . From what I hear , banning my method has not seen a huge flood of returning anglers , Still I will still give info for free on the good stuff so that those that can find a radical eneough venue might be able to sample the delights . 🙂 🙂

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    When I threw in mashed bread In the warm months the fish would stay with me for 5 hrs . not always in large quantities as some suggested but they always came back !! Pellets , FIshmeal ground baits . We’re good but the fish never seemed to want to stay all day . Eventually liking the mash . : 😀 😀 😀

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    Did the method not work on other venues you fished, Paul?

    Like you, i,ve done my share of bread fishing going back 30+ years. Mashed bread in my eary years in angling for tench on my local park lakes. Then, mainly with Liquidized bread on the canals. Then, liquidized bread and popped up bread in summer on commercials.

    I dominated one venue in particular with my popped up bread method for a few years. That venue has now gone. Sold off to the RSPB. I,ve found a few venues where the method works but just as many where it simply does not work. What have you found on other venues other than TBF? Its not like you dont have lots of venues to go at in your area

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    I won atl Larford one time , and I won at manor farm leisure a few times but I found the same kind of Bitches on those venues as well . TBF was perfect being narrower with every peg being your own . The other venues lending theirselves more to method feeder or bagging or pellet waggler etc etc . I lost heart and went back to Proper Fishing ?? And I shouldn’t say that but that was all that interested me . Never had a problem since ? 🙂 🙂 :)PS YES I have lots to go at in my area but they mostly ban groundbait . Can’t be Assed .!!!

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    Paul , how do you prepare the bread feed to get the consistency right for thowing , are you trying to create a ” bread cloud ” in the upper layers , like the ” expert ” does with the groundbait , also how are you hooking the bread :confused: :confused:

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    It’s a method I’ve never tried but would like too,if you ever did a magazine article unfortunately I never came across it!

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    Ban came just before planned article ! Soak bread in slices for 2/3hrs then put into an old net and hang on a nail overnight . The bread is now ready to mash . Use both hands and fingers and Sqeeze and knock it all down to resemble porridge oats . You must be very thorough ,and keep turning it over checking it’s all mashed . If any floats it will drift into someone else’s peg and they will kick off . It does produce a cloud and is mostly to catch shallow , however thrown down the edges and also add corn is very effective .

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    Thanks Paul ,did you remove the crusts or do these sink after mashing ? Did you use bread punch on hook?

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    Ahh !!! . Thanks again Paul now we are getting somewhere 🙂 . That’s where ive been getting mixed up . Ive been trying to get the ” mash ” or ” slop ” to a consistency where I could throw it past the middle of the snake lake to fish shallow, I didn’t realise it was a margin based method . Do you still fish shallow in the margin or do you fish nearer the deck . Sorry for what must seem like stupid questions Paul but im taking me chance to get em in while your in the ” mood ” and they are free LOL 😉 😉

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    Leave on all crust it will sink and the fish love it . We ain’t trying to catch a few jockey roach !!

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    Hold back while I give you more your fouling up my posts :rolleyes:

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    Drawnaflier let’s start again !! Mashed bread is very good for shallow fishing . And that was how I would catch lots of f1s ok . But we don’t put all our eggs in one basket so we chuck an handful down the margins for them big critters for later on ,!! So we have to feed two swims at the same time . Ok it ain’t hard but it’s not for the lazy . It was bread shallow and bread down the edge all the way for me NOT a different bait down the edge . See now you need 5 loaves to do some damage . You can have some corn separate for down the edge or bodge it in the same mix . Try 2 tins with 5 loaves .

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    Lots of water on you tray to keep a clean throwing hand . Towels to dry your hands . Only use 2 pints of mash at a time from your bucket or your wet throwing hand will dilute it all and you will never thro it . 😀 😀 😀

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    I can feel the desperation to find the answer to the biggest question . FIRE away ime off for a while :p :p :p

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    TF_boss bait

    @paulnewell wrote:

    I can feel the desperation to find the answer to the biggest question . FIRE away ime off for a while :p :p :p

    What about bread for the hook

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    If you fished say 16 m and potted it’s either punched bread or flake because anything else that far wants to fall off . My preference is flake . 2 reasons the first being that I will drop the punch in the lake . No doubt . But secondly I think iwas faster with flake . There’s a third . When I use flake I pinch abit from the slice and fold it so it’s double . Then pinch the bended bit flat so it’s a bit doughy . The hook then goes into the tougher bit . Where it’s a bit different to punch is that you now have a have a definite sinking part to the hook bait but also some fluffy stuff left on to quickly expand . It must sink or the bitches will be at you but more than that it’s because Mostly , but not always I would have no shot down the line . Only practice will now help you . Also stay clear of stay fresh bread , it wants to float . I have another trick but just for now will save it . If you can’t master this much the next step would be too frustrating . :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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    14 sensas white latex was my choice and puller bungs where I used to fish were unessesary . Three rigs would usually suffice but on windy days I may need four or five . First is a polly ball , a small one . One metre of line from pole tip to ball . Then a hooklength of 6 inches . Check your venue rules and fish this rig as shallow as the rules will allow . This rig is usually best for brief moments when it’s calm and you can probably see the fish . If this rig lasts you will need four keep nets and a search lite . 😀 . The next fig is a small bodied float 4 by ten or twelve self cocker ideally, One metre of line from pole tip to float .Then 18 inches to hook . No shot down. This rig will probably be best ! . Third rig is probably for a cooler day or a day when they won’t come too shallow . A carper chimp maybe .3 wire stem . One metre of line to float . Then two feet six inches to hook . THERE we have the 3 best rigs for me . Note there’s not a bottom rig for out in the pond . It rarely works ! . BUT for you lads out ther who may not yet be on the England team radar listen . Stick a plummet on all 3 rigs and see which one is best down the edge and use that one down there also .Easy yes .

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    What is your starting feeding pattern, Paul? How much and how often. Is it a little and often feeding pattern or a reward each fish feeding pattern once the fish arrive?

    Are you laying the rig in regularly or fishing the bait static once the hook bait has reached its full depth?

    What I found when using popped up bread with liquidized bread though a cage feeder. Was that often there where two seperate levels that the fish would feed at. Generally, 18 inches to 2 inches below the surface. Then, a second depth 10 inches to 20 inches from the bottom. Depths in the lakes where i,ve made this method work are more than 6ft deep. Carp, rather than F1s being the main target fish. I found that using a swing tip showed so much about what was going on under the water. I was able to run the bread hook bait down though the various depths to the bottom of the lake. However, I could also run the hook bait from the deck to the surface. Amazingly. Many of my bites came when the bread was moving up towards the surface.

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    We all know this method is for our overstocked commercials . Very effective for the increasingly popular F 1 hybrid . Sill usefull for mans carp . Little and verv often was mostly my way , because my aim was to deliberately bring them nearer to the surface so they would battle with each other to feed . Also if I was to be lucky eneough to have a few towpath teds around me , they would not have many fish in front of them for too long !! 😀 These purpose made fish come from stew ponds fed on rafts of pellets . Imagine feeding time . Noise on the surface being the key . We all know about how effective pole tapping or rattling the water can be . This works when surface bread fishing if constant throwing in of the mash results in missed bites .However when i say you need 5 to seven loaves of mash in summer . Regularly I would only use half , the other half was for Sunday . This depended on a feel for what amount they wanted and how many beasties arrived down the edge . My advise is to go steady , little but always often even if your not catching . They should arrive . 😉

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    True Blue also asks do we leave the bait static once settled . Mostly no just like punch fishing for roach on the canal , gently lifting and lowering will induce bites back on the drop . If you fish with big lumps of bread it becomes sloppy and if you lift your rig right out of the water and drop it back in with a splash . Hold on tight if there’s a mans carp in the peg they sometimes nearly pull the pole from your hands . Often alerting those around to suggest you may be cheating such the popularity of this method . Be warned . :confused: :confused: 😮

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    Blimey I’ve just read all this stuff fishing bread and I’ve blown it ???? Yes that’s right . I’ve blown the 60 £ John Arthur offered me to do the article . Such the price of fame eh . Reckon you lads owe me a pint . :p :p :p

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    Great reading about your bread method.
    i used a small blob type float to fish paste ultra shallow 3-6 inches deep,a long time before shallow paste fishing started becoming popular.

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    I’ve tried paste shallow and yes you need a much more buoyant float because it’s heavier stu ff from the outset . A young fellow , Luke Bamford came to TBF for a while and won plenty . it was maybe as good as the bread method BUT . You had to use over wetted paste slop and do the method using a pot on your pole . Something I despise and aptly called a budgie on the end of your pole by Steve Gardner . But I have seen a float that may , GOD forbid have caught me even more . The new Drennan clear plastic dibbers !!! Awesome . Dear Pete please send new Apocolypse ASAP . 😉

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    Yes I second that Paul , great post ,and very kind of you to share your method with us . Ive no doubt the guy who rates himself as the venue expert has also read and LEARNED a bit too . Thank you Paul 😉 😉

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    @paulnewell wrote:

    I’ve tried paste shallow and yes you need a much more buoyant float because it’s heavier stu ff from the outset . A young fellow , Luke Bamford came to TBF for a while and won plenty . it was maybe as good as the bread method BUT . You had to use over wetted paste slop and do the method using a pot on your pole . Something I despise and aptly called a budgie on the end of your pole by Steve Gardner . But I have seen a float that may , GOD forbid have caught me even more . The new Drennan clear plastic dibbers !!! Awesome . Dear Pete please send new Apocolypse ASAP . 😉

    The new Drennan clear dibbers are superb floats,i have bought some myself. 😎

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    For the lads that are not so sure . A little re,cap . I cannot stress the importance of having water close by . On your tray and some in a bucket . My buckets were neat oblong things not them bloody great round things that get in the way . WHEn you gets on a bit tripping over becomes more regular . And a couple of nice dry towels . It’s a must . And there is some bankside behaviour that you should observe . 😀 😀 😀 . At the end of the day , Do not under any circumstance throw what you have left in the pond !!!! 😡 IT goes down the loo at home or in the bin . And you must not throw slices of bread on the top , EVEN though the ducks eat all of it !!!! It insults the pellet heads and they will start bitching or inventing theories to get it banned . Tread quietly . Maybe split it into a few 2 pint bait boxes and get one out to use at a time . IF you display a ruddy great sensas bucket full to the top , WELL the carp are pleased but it scares the bitches . OR smiling crocs . :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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    I thought that would go on a bit longer .I will give you a bit more of what I did anyway . All my rigs were on 0.16 main line . And 0.16 hooklength . Change it to 0.18 main line if you wish to suit the size of fish you’re after . Probably my favourite hook for bread fishing and a good hook anyway is the Middyb9313 Barbless . All sizes , but in summer when their having it , it was a 10 . Shallow rig down the edge with Catmeat when you see a tail , Awesome .!!! Set your 14 latex on the soft side and tighten as you go . We are not trying to do hook and hold exersize , especially when shallow for F1s . We want to hook one and have it run away from the shoal soes not to spook them too much !! Buy a hook retaining box and tie 6/8 inch hooklengths . Do not tie direct , it’s too slow . Hooks blunt ! And wet hands with groundbait on them don’t work . All international anglers use hooklengths . End of . 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    What size F1s where the norm at TBF, Paul?

    Any suggestions for F1 type venues with the average fish only being 10oz – 1lb?

    Quite a few F1 dominated venues in my area but the average size of the fish being on the small size Target weights to win being 70lb – 100lb depending on how its fishing. I can think of 3 commercial snake lake venues local to me where the F1s can be caught on the top 3/4 and down the bank. No bans at the moment on bread.

    I also have a couple of F1 type venues where 200lb is possible with lots of space between pegged anglers but the fish are even smaller in average size. These big weights come shallow on pellet or maggot on top 3/4 and down the margins. Is your method able to compete with the pellet/maggot shallow lads?

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    probably between 1lb to 2lb with e few 3 to 4 . I think what we need to remember is that I was fishing TBF when the very first F1s were put in . They were around 3/4 oz a piece and very much pellet fish , and occasionally maggot .My initial thinking behind bread fishing was to avoid the little blighters ! NO FISHMEAL. No new stockies . I wanted mans carp ! A couple of seasons in and I was catching them on bread but my tactic was big potfulls to Islands . The big carp were starting to get scarce and my results went the same but I was missing a bite a chuck . I said to a well known regular that I would soon catch 100lbs of f1s on bread . Never says he , Thems pellet fish !!!! 😀 😀 😀 Got that wrong didn’t he . He was the Boss croc . I can only guess that the f1s in your venues should respond the same as around here , but I didn’t win every time out and bigger waters like Larford proved difficult . You have to take the bull by the horns and be prepared to fail a bit . Maybe practise it without pooling up to get a bit of confidence . IT ain’t easy but if you make it work you’ll gain loads of friends !! :eek:Ps 200lbs plus shallow was no stranger to me , try it . 🙂

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