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      Had a discusion at the club tonight about one of our skippers banning smoking on his boat.
      Anyone got any views on this?
      I am a non smoker so am not bothered one way or the other

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      I’m a cigar smoker and don’t get on boats, but my view, regardless of the law.
      The skipper is the boss and/or owner he could/can ban smoking on the boat [cheaper insurance] that’s it.
      The basic’s of the new law, as with most laws are ‘ass’ [Denning]
      Smoking is banned in enclosed public places and work area’s, including business vehicles.
      Read that as you wish!
      But who is going to enforce the law six miles out in an open boat?
      My guess is, if the skipper say’s it’s no smoking, it’s no smoking, if he say’s no problem so be it.

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      neil b

      We’ve had a no smoking law up in the far distant North for a year or so now without major problems. The general rule is no smoking in enclosed public places or work areas – the deck of a charter vessel would be fine, but not the cabin, but as ever there may be local variations, but doesn’t seem to have caused any grief around here.

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      Not Eric or Steve then? let me guess Eastbourne based?

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      I am not saying where but he gets you to check the sole of your boots before yiou can get on the boat

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