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        hello all just wondering how good the catchmaster headlight is anyone got one iv heard good reports about spelo headlights do you recomend any many thanks tight lines jay

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          speleo head lamp are a good lamp, depends if you want the led or not, me personally i use a samalite, has great high beam and a lower beam, depending on how much you want to spend depends on the length of charge youll get in the lamp, but mine usually lasts a good 8 hrs. being a digger aswell as an angler, so my lamps get a hell a lot of use, ive found no faults with it and as i always used to use the speleos i definently find this the best on the market

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            thanks for the reply i have already got a samalite iv had it for about 3 years now its starting to play up i agree very good light but i want a smaller headlight so its a bit more easyer to put in my box etc like the spelo catchmaster but is there a brighter spelo for about £100 is the one with the leds any good and how bright are the spelo many thanks j

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