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    Anybody on here still use them for big fish?

    Really thinking of changing some of my hollows over for standard 10/12/14 slip or garbo latex as i never really had any problem back when i used these and that was before the age of pullerbungs,my question is will they still work effectively now that all my match kits are just top twos with the 1st section removed?and would you get away with using a 14 slip or 14-16 garbo latex in standard diawa match kits (with the tip section removed) cheers!

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    Yes to all! 🙂

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    My number 1 summer carp elastic is Middy 18-20 ( the blue one ) its nowhere near its stated strength and is perfect for 3-7lb fish.

    If you need something stronger then the Middy 25 ( the white one ) is perfect.

    You get enough on a spool to do 2 top kits and it lasts for ages.

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    I’m a massive fan of solid elastics and apart from big carp fishing down the edge and on shallow open water venues i use them all the time. i dont have a set brand though and cherry pick certain ones from different ranges. Preston slip is great in 3-8, Vespe is good in a 10 and sensas Latex is my choice above that. i just prefer how they work in my pole and find they behave better than hollows, especially in the cold when hollows seem to stiffen up and hang from the pole.

    it is all down to personal preference though and the main thing is to use what works for you.


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    Great,nice one lads!

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    I’ve used the middy hi-viz elastic for years. Now and still love the stuff

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    I use solid and doubled solid in all by top kits apart from a few power kits that I use for down the edge.

    Preston Original slip is as good a brand as any and I use it up to a no 14 through a Daiwa Torny Pro/generic match kit with the no 1 section removed.

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