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    I must admit that I have dabbled in the past using additives in fact winning the fenland fur and feather open Championships run by Dave Allen many years ago, In those days any edge gained was vital and we found that using quince with bronze maggots really produced the goods however if you over did the additive it could also kill the peg, I used the stuff on the river ouse that winters day and walked the match Dave Allen was at the next peg and saw me adding it to my bait after the match he came up and I agreed to send him some, I think it was a richworth additive, however with the chrysodine scare they changed the way they dyed the maggots and when added to bronze it created a foaming mess thus making it’s use redundant, However I have not used bait flavours since good knows when after all corn is corn isn’t it? so meat is meat and pellets are pellets, but have never discounted using flavoured hooker baits I think the sonubaits bandum baits in the various colours and flavours can give you a great little edge, especially when you need a target bait, so when I was recently asked to field test stinky stuff it was with some scepticism that I said and only would if I could give a really honest appraisal, on several occasions I have used this spray on flavour which is highly potent it smells a bit meaty rather than fishy I also make sure the wind isn’t blowing towards me when I use it as you don’t want to get covered by the spray as it does reek, the first couple of matches I used it on were we were into ice breaking and I used it from the off. I didn’t think it did to much for me to be quite honest however the four last matches I have used it I have picked up coin, however some might say well you may have done anyway, take today at Puddleduck road lake I weighed in 122lb off of peg 8. I started to fish across to the island with a pellet feeder and caught although not to well to start with but fairly steady then of course we came to midday and everything appeared to switch off the tip was motionless it was as if the peg was dead! In desperation to re ignite the peg I took this moment to spray my dampened micro feed pellets and hook bait with stinky stuff, now there are no guarantees in fishing however the swim switched back on first cast with this gear and I romped to a fairly easy win. it has been when circumstances call for the swim to need a boost is when I have used it when desperation appears out comes the stinky stuff, Ok I didn’t pay for my free partly used spray can however I have no qualms about using it when the peg needs a boost, whether the peg would have come alive not using the gear I don’t know, and to be quite honest when switching to use stinky stuff it has rejuvenated a dying peg however a lot of things about fishing are a confidence thing! ones things for sure when the peg starts to die around midday or when carp start to switch off and my peg needs a boost this stuff is going to be used. The big question is would I pay money for a can of stinky stuff, well one things for certain I don’t think any bait additive or flavouring can turn a tough peg into a winner but when drawn on fish and swim starts to flag then if it just keeps working like it has on the last couple of matches I’ll definitely invest in a can after all it’s paid for itself already. It’s not a magic spray it won’t transform a bad peg into a winning peg imo however it’s appears to really work well when your peg needs a boost.

    Personally I don’t give a hoot if anglers use stinky stuff or not however I did say I would give my honest opinion on the stuff, In fact I will be very happy if anglers don’t use it after all meat is meat, corn is corn and pellet is pellet isn’t it?

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    This is worth a look if you haven’t already seen it.

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    The most Impressive sales video I ever seen.
    It will save the serious angler hundreds in ” PROPER” fishing baits.

    ( just pick a few pints of assorted leaves whilst walking to your peg 😀 )

    Seriously though, I still believe this spray may ( eventually) catch more anglers than fish.

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    So basically any idiot with the worst rig and tackle can now empty their local fishery with just a spray of this product. God help us. Sounds too much like Ultrabite when it came out. At least it will guarantee you can catch carp in the depths of winter when they don’t want to feed and them 100 lb bags will be a distant memory of bad sessions in days gone by. Maybe fisheries will ban it because everyone will need at least 10 keep nets in matches from now on! But hang on, what if all the anglers use it? Then the best will win still and it will be a waste of time and everyone will stop using it to save some cash.
    God help us if we need a magic spray to catch more fish.

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    Have to say anyone who knows Fred will know he will give an honest review/ opinion on anything new to the market, which I believe he has done on the Stinky Stuff.
    As per normal someone comes on and has to be nothing but negative ( in fairness it takes all sorts to make a world) and in some ways it could be seen as an insult to Freds integrity.

    The questions that need to be asked are:
    1, Have you used the product / Fred Has
    2,Have you a hidden agenda / Fred Has Not
    3, Do you really know anything about the subject of Angling/? Fred Does
    The reason being if you cant answer the above the same as Fred then I would suggest you know nothing.
    What I would love to see happen and sure others on here would as well “middi” and ” Karen Dox” contact the company who make the product ” Stinky Stuff” go to where the video was made and have a fish off against two of the companies anglers them using the product and you guys not.
    Maybe for say £100 each, which the winner could donate to a charity of choice.
    How about it guys!!!!!!!

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    And there we have it.
    My bait got an instant bite!!!!
    Some people take themselves far to seriously.
    Maybe I will bottle it.

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    I accept you caught me well done 🙂 O I took your bait 😀 but the question remains will you accept the challenge of contacting the company and taking on their anglers.
    I for one would love to see how good the product really is against someone with such a vast knowledge of angling products 🙁 come on put as much effort in to this as you do trying to be clever :confused:

    Oh have I bitten again???????

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    Excuse me chaps, but, if we all use this product we have achieved what the sellers want, ie- SALES–
    Ok, maybe we will be catching that extra fish ( as Fred as confirmed with his experiment) , the real question should be ” where does it stop”.
    The tackle shops seem to burst at the seams with endless marketing products claiming that it is what you need to catch more fish– REALLY !!!—.Maybe it will eventually culminate as to who can make the biggest stick of dynamite and how many fish one can blast out of the water.
    I personally believe that fishing should be kept simple where fishing bait is concerned, the skill in catching should be worked out by the fisherman by sticking to basic and simple baits rules.
    Nevertheless, I would not want to wish tackle businesses to go bust in order to keep things simple. So, there we have it –” may the best innovation win”–. ( until a better one comes along).

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    Before we go any further we must set things straight. Neither of us have any ties or associations with this product. We are two pleasure/club level anglers.
    After reading and seeing the “hype” about Stinky Stuff we decided to see what it was all about. We decided to give it a fair chance , we would go to an established fishery. We all know there are no miracle baits BUT curiosity isn`t a bad thing!!

    We set out to Alders Farm Fishery and on arrival found that all the main lakes were pretty much full so we had to settle for one of the small satelite ponds. There were a father and son opposite us and they were struggling for bites. . . . .not what we wanted to hear!!! We , before setting up tried to replicate the youtube video. We sprayed a leaf in the Stinky Stuff and dropped it in the margins. It wasn`t as instant as the original video but within two minutes fish were in the swim and a couple of minutes later the leaf was eaten!!!

    Sitting at adjacent pegs , and having fished Alders in the past we agreed it would be a margin attack on heavy tackle. Fishery 4mm feed pellet and either 8mm hard banded pellet or GOT Baits soft hookers at the business end. We sprayed the Stinky Stuff on the 8mm hard pellet but left the soft hookers alone.

    I(Dave) personally got a couple of handfulls of the feed pellet and treated them too, for my initial feed. They went in and I was straight in with a banded 8mm pellet. Within literally 30-40 seconds my float buried and the result was a 2-3lb carp. I had a few fish coming into the swim and put probably 20lb in my net in the first 45 mins. Getting over zealous I upped the feed and that was my downfall. This pond wasn`t stocked as densely as the main pools and i shouldn`t have tried to fish it as such.

    As for me(Ady), from the start i started with the same 8mm pellets as Dave, but only fed dry pellet. The fish were slow to respond, although i did have a couple of fish. As with Dave, I tried too hard and fed far too much feed into the swim. And although there was activity, I was struggling .

    As it was getting a touch warm and the couple opposite, had only had a couple of fish within the last hour, we decided to take a break and give the swims a rest.
    As we sat eating our cheese and ham rolls, the father and son duo packed up. So now we had the pond to ourselves. As we knew this, I said I was going to move over to where they were as I felt I had over done my swim. Dave suggested half jokingly, “why don`t you try a leaf with the spray on, on your hook?” I laughed at first then said “why not, it worked earlier”…

    Deciding that feeding was the kiss of death I opted to put out no feed whatsoever and was going to try the “leaf” on the surface , even adapting a margin float to suit. I put out my top kit plus long four to just off an overhanging tree and didn`t have to wait long before a couple of fish were interested.

    We have no video facilities but got the old faithful Nikon out to try to document our trial. Below are three pics. One of the leaf coated in Stinky Stuff , another of the rig in the water and the result!!!

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    To say this was an eye opener is an understatement. Between us we have 75 years of fishing under our belts but neither of us have seen a carp caught on a leaf!!!

    Again , we know there is no wonder bait but we are of an opinion that this spray definitely attracted fish into our swims when there was no sign of life on arrival. We both agreed that it was our errors that made them back off. Later we tried the soft hooker without the Stinky Stuff with no real results but after treating them with the spray and hardly feeding we had a productive hour each. The result of our personal experiment is we both had around 35-40lb of carp along with a few roach and rudd as shown below.
    People are quick to knock new baits , and believe me we are as guilty as the next man . All we can say is it is one weapon that is staying in our arsenal!!!!

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    By far the most important point that needs to be borne in mind is the lingering on the finger ring smell. I smell an opportunity for an after match de-odouriser spray, I shall call it ‘Pong Gone’. 🙂

    Price will be advertised as POA. 😉

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    Another gimmick that catches more anglers than fish, when will people learn! Lets all use it and see what advantage it brings us.

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