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      J Gorman

      Hi,ive got my 11.5 metre section stuck up inside my 13 metre section, just wondered if any1 knew how i could get it out

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      Happened to me on Friday, dismantled fibeglass landing net handle and poked it downwards onto jammed section. I thought fibreglass may be softer so gave it a wack and hey presto it came out. Maybe i was lucky but it worked

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      Sounds odd but…..

      …I had this problem once and solved it with the use of an orthapedic crutch!

      The rubber gripper pad on the bottom of the crutch/stick goes up inside a little way. Once it can’t go any further up inside give it a twist and it grips the inner section and removes it!

      Just need to find someone with a broken leg!!

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      I had this problem once too.. I sprayed it with wd-40 and left it overnight and in the morning-hey presto

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      this is a common problem DONOT force the section as it is more likey to break! Best option i found is to use hairdryer. Gently warm the section/joint area, NOT over heat, then work the section by gently twisting it…

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      don sav

      if you can fit into your airing cupboard leave it over night it will then seperate it works!!!

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      don sav

      the hairdryer works but be careful you don`t raise the resin on the pole

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      don sav

      if you can get a couple of mates to genlty pull on each end while twisting whilst you tap jammed part that will work as well its tried and tested by many people

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      read the thred it is stuck inside the 13m sec ie this happens when packing it away not putting it together,if it is jamed solid the only way ive see this done with no damage is by useing the 13m sec of another pole and twisting it in the 11m sec and hope it frees it,daveroberts method sounds like it would work as good as anything well worth a try

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      Might sound daft but get an electric razor pressed against the end and leave it on for a few minutes. The vibrations shift the microscopic dust/gubbins between the sections and with a pull on the 11m section it might come out.

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      J Gorman

      Cheers lads

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      Borrow another 13m section off the same pole insert into 11.5m section turn and twist. Should come out then.

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      Veracocha sounds like the wife’s toy might have a use afterall ;0)

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      Alden Mcknight

      I made a post in the helping section and it sad I was stuck in the pole section and needed help many people came there and guide me with the best way. They trying to give me their killer papers review to get me out from the pole section.

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