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    Used the pole last Saturday in what can only be described as horrendous rain.
    I have had this happen some years ago with a Preston pole, where the water creates a vacuum effect on the joint and they do not want to come apart for love nor money.
    Well i have a Sensas UK power kit well and truly stuck onto a short 4 section.
    What is the best way of getting them apart?

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    I had the same thing happen to me last year after I packed up and telescoped a short 4 inside another. I ended up having to use hot (near boiling) water to expand the outer section. It might work in this case, but you may have to replace the elastic, but I guess that would be preferable to replacing the sections.
    Once separated, give it a little candle wax to keep the water out.

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    get 2 mates & get them to GENTLY pull on the end of each section. DO NOT TWIST JUST PULL GENTLY! Meanwhile you stand in the middle at the stuck joint & make a circle around the joint with your thumb & forefinger of both hands. In a circular motion keep moving the pole unil the sections come apart. Put the mate who you least like on the river side, he may overbalance when they come apart!!!!

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    Exactly what spotter said.

    Pull gently without squeezing, and rotate the joint.

    You need to trust your mates 🙂

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    Spotter and Kagger are correct . Seen it done . No twisting . Also keep it in the house near but not on a radiator . It will dry out . Don’t panic ! The female end needs trimming back it sounds like it’s worn on too far . 🙂

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    I’m blessed with a bunch of mates who are the size of your average silver back mountain gorilla, with hands like bunches of bananas.
    I think i may have to go for the fairer sex route and ask the wife and daughters to assist.
    The very thought of having my mates wrestling with expensive carbon is enough to give me nightmares!
    Thanks for the replies and i will try the candle wax trick as suggested.

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    Paddy it’s my opinion you should take it to the best tackle shop in your area . They ought to know this technique . I am sure they will have done this numerous times . One each end pulling and a gentle rotation by another by the joints . You should be amazed as it could take seconds . Don’t panic . 🙂

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    make you right regarding the tackle shop route, or Roy Marlow (he,s a wizzard at doing this). The fun, when your mate topples toward the abyss is PRICELESS!!!

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    Paddy,did you get the sections unstuck?

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    TF_caster rob

    @spotter1707 wrote:

    Paddy,did you get the sections unstuck?

    He’ll let you know as soon as all the carbon splinters have been removed from his fingers.

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    Not yet, i am away for a few days, and the pole is still drying out in the garage.
    I will have a bash at it when i get back home.
    Rob, stop with all that bad karma stuff! Positive energy is what’s required whilst your pulling it off! 😮

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    TF_caster rob

    Righto Pad.
    I’ll not question a man who clearly knows his brief.

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    He he.

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    This bloke is one of life’s characters and panic is not in his brain . !!!

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    Brain……….what brain ? 😀

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    No would have sufficed!

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