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    Finding Nemo character Dory is not representative of her kind, according to a new study that proves fish are more intelligent than previously thought.
    The popular Disney film depicts Dory as a typical fish, forgetting her surroundings and circumstances almost instantly due to a “three-second memory”.
    That image could be a thing of the past thanks to scientists who have uncovered the first evidence that fish are able to process multiple objects at once.
    Researchers say this proves fish are cleverer than their reputation and could pave the way for medical advances, assisting stroke patients or those with attention deficit disorders….

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    Specimen carp anglers think carp are smarter than them.

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    My cat is cleverer than most specialist carp anglers!

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    @Norman’s nemesis wrote:

    My cat is cleverer than most specialist carp anglers!

    agree – mine’s clearly cleverer than myself- and most definitely an intellectual giant compared to most of my old club longstanding committee members.
    Ironically, against the stereotype he wont eat sea or game fish though.

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