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    Descent size open tommorow opposite the Shakespeare theatre and downstream . Once renouned for roach fishing but big bream will probably win . Bloody rising river again but if an open end feeder was to win it will stay the same . Just spoils the sections where roach on a pole or float would have scored . Ist match of 2015 ! Fingers crossed . 🙂

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    How did it fish Paul ?
    Shame I was on 1st round of Meadowlands 3 man teams or else I would have come to this, not fished opposite the theatre for about a dozen years or so, would have been nice to re-aquaint.
    Are there any plans for any further matches on there ?

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    The river rose overnight and dirtied up . As expected Bream won . Below the weir at Lucy’s mill . 8lb 14oz , 3 bream a roach and an eel . 5lb something was second , 9 roach !! And a small hybrid on pole feeder . 2 bream for third . I got the scales third time on the trot and got 2nd in section testing my humour once again . 😀 Well attended but would have been great but for the dirty river . Ring Alcester Tackle for Organisers number . Think he’ll run more , or Tom at Lanes in Coventry . 🙂

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