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    Any thoughts on the most durable “fish-safe” carp keepnets?
    20 peg lake so potentially looking for between 40 and 60 nets.
    Which would you recommend please?

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    The Dinsmores ones last forever and you’d probably get them for less than £15 each buying that many.

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    have a look on here,
    plenty to choose from and fairly priced

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    Browning,frenzee or mosella

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    Take into account that if they are “too good” a few may go walkies

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    Thanks for your suggestions guys

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    I purchased a number of oakwood nets these have lasted two years in good condition, some of the lads in our club have asked me to get more.

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    Thanks for that , will look into them 🙂

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    If I was you I would contact/email tackle manufactures direct and ask them
    For their best price for nets? You offer to put up there banners or boards to advertise there company they get free advertising and you get cheap nets everyone is a winner!

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    Tell why you think it’s best you supply and not the angler . I can imagine the reason but ime keen to know where you get your advise . Is it a gut feeling or have you got some facts ??? Reason I ask is that when I went to a place that supplied the nets , it was a blessed nightmare !! Especially if you are last to get your nets . The Brocken tilt and lock systems prove to be a real pain . Especially when huge weights are required . ?? :rolleyes:

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    Got to agee with Paul.Mate of mine has his own firhery and to be honest it was a nightmare trying to keep them in usable condition.Let anglers use their own provided they lay them out on the bank until five minutes before the match starts. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    loda/paul , point taken with the sunlight but what happens when anglers fish a venue saturday , the wet nets go in a stink bag and then to another venue sunday and its raining.

    The uv from the sun is what kills viruses , in these instances I believe cross contamination from fishery to fishery occurs?

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    Your concern is well justified , the stocks costing loads ! I respect your fear . My honest belief in a successfull fishery is that you are attempting to achieve a reputation of providing an enjoyable day . In return all types of angler will want to return . The tilt and lock systems on keep nets have improved , but sometimes lock up in one position and Sod’s law says it’s the wrong set up for a few unfortunates . It does matter ! It can spoil your day . If you cannot set your keep net correctly it’s horrible . For you it’s an extra issue that will need time spent ! The nets will need regular checks and maintenance to ensure happy shoppers . 😉 😉 😉

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    i fish a couple of venues in the midlands, who supply keepnets, and at both places they are in a terrible condition, not only the tilt mechanisms broken or locked tight, but full of large holes, and the bottom 2-3 rings broken, it takes you 10 minutes to sort out two decent nets, and then most have been repaired with cable pull ties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The Landing nets are not much better.

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