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    Hi all

    What is the best way to combat surface tow? Recently fishing on a local commercial I suffered a drop in bites during a period of strong wind. I was only fishing top two plus one and was using double corn to pin the bait as best I could. I used a very slim body .3 g float in 3 feet of water and stepped up to .5g but it made little difference. My bulk was close to the hook and I laid on about 3 inches. Back shot were useless because of how windy it was. The main problem was the float starting sitting on an angle because of how strong the surface tow was and this makes me think that the line and hook presentation must look aweful. How does everyone combat this? I am not refering to general wind because back shot covers this but mainly surface tow.

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    The old link method would work in keeping everything nailed on the deck. Line bites could be a problem however! The method on the pole would also work. The only other trick you have not tried might be to stick the pole tip several inches into the water. Bites are likely to be positive in very bad conditions. So, hiting bites should not be a problem.

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    It’s just like fishing a “river” when still water start skimming like this and it can be difficult…..but

    Just like a river, change your float, a slim version will just ride up, you have no weight to “get hold of” here don’t be afraid to go heavier and something with a “shoulder” on alternatively well over-shot the 0.30 to nail it down…. but then hold it up.

    Yes line bites will be an issue and probably a few foul hookers but that’s the way it is….. no firm solution but change your float, go heavier, nail it down….and hold it up….

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    Used to fish a venue where bream and skimmers were the target. the venue that was 4ft deep and badly affected by wind and tow, regularly used 1.5 – 3 g rigs with either diamond or rugby ball bodies to get presentation and fished 6″ over-depth.

    With regards back shot have used on occasions AAA shot and longer lines 3-4ft when fishing at 11m between pole tip and float.

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    It’s the only thing you don’t really see covered in magazines. No one ever seems to fish above a 4 x 16 float on a commercial, even when it a really windy. I know most people would say fish the method of that windy and I would have done had others around me not still been catching at 4 metres. General wind is easy to combat with back shot when there is no surface tow but when surface tow starts it’s a nightmare.

    If sticking on the pole would the general census be to fish a larger wire stem float fished overdepth by anything up to 6 inches? What about float shape? Does the upside down pear shape offer the best control on these conditions?

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    With regard float shape I always go for rugby ball/onion styles with long bristles when tow is really strong or where it is mainly surface i use large diamonds. Often prefereing long glass stems in preference to wire.

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    I have used small flat floats, with some success when faced with similar conditions.

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