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    Where the best place to get your fishing tackle insured ?

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    Try your house insurance Snowy.

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    House Insurance….but check out the small print, where and when it is insured, sometimes it’s not when outside and it’s in use, only in the house.

    AND, beware any company with a Red Telephone as a symbol, poor service and will do anything to get out of paying, even if you are “Honest”

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    Totally agree DB ………..

    Dealt with the Red Phone outfit lost top 5 sections of Daiwa pole rang to claim had receipt for pole , quote for replacement from Billy Clarke took 12 weeks to resolve Including being asked to ring round to find cheaper alternative then being offered generic parts.

    They were a complete waste of time so really check the small print keep photos of everything and receipts and any limitations or exclusions.

    If they have a red phone steer well clear!!!!!

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    Forgot to add I guess it’s a red phone as its red hot from all the pissed off customers who keep ringing in to complain….

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