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    Been insured with my bank for the last 12 months just found out that it did not cover my gear when I was using it, what a laugh :confused:
    Can anyone recommend a decent cover for when in use plus theft and loss,
    Thanks in advance
    Alan 🙂

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    Hi,if u got home contents insurance then your tackle is insured but only at home,so if your tackle will be stolen from home your insurance should cover it.

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    Hi liquid
    My gear was covered for theft at home and outside but not covered for breakages while I was using it WHAT GOODS THAT!!!!

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    Hi,but is still covered from accidental damage, so basically if your kid will step on your pole(at home) you can claim it as accidental damage…

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    Someone mentioned Korda on here a while back… not sure as I see varying reports. Be sure you ask th eright questions when you enquire

    BUT what ever you do… don’t be tempted by a Red Telephone had 2 issues with them, a car where they took my money but then say “We don’t have you on our books” 6 months later and also with Tackle they will wriggle like hell same as your Bank, all Flash no Delivery

    Basically you have to tell a Porky to get your money, if you threaten to change insurer in retalliation they “Black-List” you, by the time you find another agent they have already put you onto the shared web and up goes your premium

    It doe not pay to be honest….

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    Korda Cover.

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    I have been with Korda since they started the Kover , this is now ceasing and I have had to source elsewhere.
    I have gone through a company called Marsh Insurance who use tacklewise.
    Marsh do niche insurances
    The policy is cheaper than Korda and same benefits
    My policy with Korda finishes 19/03 and have started this one to run when old one ends.

    I have spoken to them on the phone and all questions answered and boxes ticked

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