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    Ok lads here is simple question 🙂 Looking for all posts regarding selling and buying tackle here, what is the most important thing in match fishing? I’ve seen lots of people try to get top quality tackle, but I know people who has got best tackle available. but never see them to frame:-) Good friend of mine like to said ”plenty of tackle but no talent” What is your thoughts about is???

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    Been thinking about this myself for quite a while, no doubt about it good kit will help but I don’t think you can ever replace watercraft, looking at just the bait angle(fnar fnar), if on a pellet venue would a better presented cube of meat/corn/maggot catch more fish rather than a pellet just plonked in and slapped about, the list I reckon is endless. :confused: :confused:

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    I think good tackle can be a good leveler , the example I will use is anyone can fish method with a good rod and reel using their line clip and method mold etc, casting accuracy and bait presentation are so much easier than casting a straight lead across to the tins on the canal and feeding small balls of grounbait accurately with a catty, some will disagree

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    Having good tackle give you confidence to be able to compete, but without the best feeding pattern you are not going to be able to compete.

    Even with method fishing. You take someone who is re-casting every 5 mins or so, they are building up the swim and, in theory, should beat someone who casts out and waits until they get a bite.

    Bomb and Pellet – if you are not feeding at the correct intervals on the day, you will not catch as many.

    A good pole will allow you to fish to features at distance more comfortably thereby giving you confidence to catch but someone who uses a rig with the same hook from the last session may prick fish or lose fish if it has a nick in the line as opposed to someone who fishes with a new hooklength every section.

    We used to say, all the gear, no idea. 😀 😀 😀

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    Talent will beat tackle any day. Take poles for example where its only at the longer lengths when the price you pay makes a difference. How many times does fishing longer win?
    More and more I am fishing short down the shelf or in the margins. I have £2k pole in the holdall that more often than not stays there whilst I use a 20 year old Diaflash I bought second hand.
    Looking at the standard of rods available too for next to nothing compared to top end rods, I have Tournament wag rods but use Shakespear. I honestly believe the quality of tackle available for those on tight budgets has never been better.

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    hi dom youve seen my tackle [that sounds wrong] i still frame sometimes but we fish some venues where i cant compete usualy were you need a long pole to reach a feature so in answer to your question sometimes you need a bit of both o and a bit of luck helps

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    All the gear no idea comes to mind! So many people concentrate on what they look like on the bank rather than concentrating on watercraft, rig presentation and feeding patterns. You could give some of the top angler like will raison and scotthorne cheaper gear and its a good certainty that they will still be able to compete in most opens. The top tackle they use only aids them in being the beat. It’s the detail and preparation that keeps them at the top of their game

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    Knowledge and Experience will beat tackle every time.you can have the best gear in the world,but lacking the knowledge and experience to make the best of it on the day when you have drawn an average swim,which to many of us is just an average swim,but in expert hands can sometimes be turned into a section win or even possible frame place if the swim allows them to do so.

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    To me,its all about having a plan to start the match and realising it was wrong,,and this is what makes the difference…changing that plan to suit the way the fish are having it, the sooner you sort that out the easier it is to get the match win,reading the peg is far far more important in getting results than having a rive box to sit on or. Map lay flat holdall laying behind you………….

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