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    The list is below and will be limited to 50 anglers as last year and prefrence given to the anglers who support this every year.lakes 1,4,5,6&7 will be used 25 pegs on lake 1 and 25 on the other 4 lakes.if you draw on lake 1 1st day you will draw a peg on the other lakes on day 2 and vise versa.CONFIRMATIONS NEEDED ASAP PLEASE

    1-gaz wood-confirmed-PAID refunded
    2-mick risby-confirmed-PAID
    3-mick wheatley-confirmed-PAID refunded
    4-alan shaw-confirmed PAID
    5ian cox-confirmed PAID
    6-john pearson-confirmed PAID
    7ian mason-confirmed PAID
    8-rick baxter-confirmed-PAID refunded
    9-steve staples-confirmed-PAID
    10-dave pearson-confirmed-PAID refunded
    11-simon skelton-confirmed-PAID refunded
    12-andy williams-confirmed-PAID refunded
    13-stu johnston-confirmed-PAID refunded
    14-graham elliot-confirmed-PAID
    15micky davies-confirmed PAID refunded
    16-daz wright-confirmed PAID refunded
    17-steve rowland-confirmed PAID
    18-darren dodd-confirmed -PAID refunded
    19rob henrick-confirmed PAID refunded
    20Carl henrick-confirmed-PAID refunded
    21-aaron morton-confirmed-PAID
    22-nigel bond-confirmed-PAID refunded
    23-ap morton-confirmed-PAID
    24-kerry dyson-confirmed-PAID
    25-jim chessman
    26–andy boffin-confirmed-PAID refunded
    27-steve wright-confirmed-PAID refunded
    28-andy day-confirmed-PAID refunded
    29-micky preisig-confirmed-PAID refunded

    31-gaz morley-confirmed-PAID
    32-ross nursey-confirmed-PAID refunded
    33-clive hamilton-confirmed-PAID refunded
    34-paul robinson-confirmed-PAID refunded
    35–ian simpson-confirmed-PAID refunded
    36-h simpson-confirmed-PAID refunded
    37-shaun rivers-confirmed-PAID refunded
    38-lee taylor-confirmed-PAID refunded
    39-baz cocks-confirmed-PAID
    40-jamie jones-confirmed-PAID refunded
    41-andy hull replaces -spencer whittaker-confirmed-PAID refunded
    42-steve the fish-confirmed-PAID refunded
    43-russ gunbie-confirmed-PAID refunded

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    Take deano off John,I can’t make it so he has no chauffeur.

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    graham elliott & clive hamilton confirmed :p :p

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    Me and ‘H’ both confirmed please John

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    TF_brew s

    Confirmed please john

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    Hi John can confirm me and Pikey please…

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    Confirmed John

  • #175776

    Confirmed John. Happy days

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    Alan Shaw confirmed John
    Steve cant make it 😡

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    Mick Preisig confirmed john

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    Confirmed John, just need a few dropouts 🙂

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    Confirmed 🙂

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    Please add me to the list thanks

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    Me, JP and Ian Cox, confirmed.

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    Put my name down again please

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    count myself (andy day) and shaun rivers in please

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    Confirmed John.

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    Hi John, me and Ade Holland are fishing.

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    Confirm me and my dad John. We will both be there. Just let us know how much to pay and where to and we will sort it asap

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    confirrn me and jim please John 🙂

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    What’s happening about making payments Mr O’Driscoll ?

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    stevethefish name stephen gilmour
    [email protected]

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    Can we have some details please John, draw times, fishing times, pegging, etc ?

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    …. Draw times-pay on in The Glebe Marquee by 8:45am, draw 9am. Fish 10:30 to 4:30 each day. I have played about with the pegging based on 40 anglers. Giving us 4 sections of 5 anglers on lake 1 (zone 1) & zone 2 being lakes 4,5,6&7 with a section of 5 on each. This will no doubt change depending on actual numbers..

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    John, has Roy given any indication as to if/when he would cancel if necessary due to the current problems there as I notice he’s now cancelled all bookings for this week ?

    Also, if Lake 1 remains closed for the forseeable future could we switch Zone 1 to Foundation ?

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    [please see separate post for details]

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