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    BARSTON LAKES 26th JUNE 2010

    With scorching weather forecast a few people were expecting to struggle for bites. Eighteen brave souls turned out for the event which was pegged out on the road bank. This was the choice bank as it gives a fairer match to all and the organiser needs a flat bank lol.

    Nigel Harrhy did the pegging for us and we went with every other peg from 85-119. If you have never been to Barston Lakes I can guarantee you will be met by some of the best facilities around. Everyone was there in plenty of time for breakfast apart from the organiser (nothing new) Nigel was , as always very free with information of how best to attack the pegs. The draw was made and into battle went eighteen anglers. My match didn`t go to plan but I still enjoyed the day. I drew peg 117 with Lee Taylor (Greys/Bag`em baits)end peg 119 and young Dan (captain) peg 115. I had a very slow hour and half fishing crushed expander and micros through a feeder and slop dripped in on the pole line. As my swin seemed quiet I decided to completely change my approach. I mixed some Marukyu 150 and added a good handful of Nori 1mm pellets. For hookbait I went extreme and banded 8mm hard pellet. For the next hour and a half I had plenty of bites and even managed to land a few skimmers and F1s. With two hours of the match left I lost my bait bander and as I was using Mossella micro bands I couldn`t put the pellet on by hand. Had to switch to a Preston spike and moulded Marukyu Nori soft pellet round the spike. I had a few more fish but they really wanted banded hard pellet. I ended the match feeling I could have done better but lessons learned for next time.

    Overall everyone I spoke to said they had patches where the fished seemed to switch off but they all were pleased with how even the match stretch was. In the end it worked out to an average of just over 37lb per angler.

    A huge thanks to all that took part and especially to Nigel for hosting the event and doing all the bits I should have done.


    1st R.LUCAS
    2nd LEE TAYLOR
    3rd DAZ WRIGHT




    85….DAZ WRIGHT….54-9
    87….MARTIN PAYNTER….49-1
    89….KEV HOLMES….27-0
    91….ADY HORNBY….21-13
    93….IAN HORNBY….29-0
    95….MARTIN WRIGHT….14-4

    97….COLIN BRADBURY….35-2
    99….JOHN O`DRISCOLL….31-4
    101….MICKY DAVIES….44-7
    103….NIGEL HARRHY….48-0
    105….BRYAN (BGT)….8-15
    107….ANDY JAMESON….34-12

    111….ANDY HORNBY….31-14
    113….DAVE PRITCHARD….36-14
    115….YOUNG DAN….27-12
    117….DAVE KIGHTLEY….30-12
    119….LEE TAYLOR.Greys/Bag`em baits….67-9

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    Wya to go Dave nice write up and good results – and in great weather!

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    Great days fishing in a good company!! Thanks Nigel for hosting a superb day once again , the
    fishing gets better and better everytime we go!! Thanks to Wheely for running the club champs and good write up mate!! , Top job that man!! ( You should have asked , for a pellet bander mate I was only on the next peg)~sick ~clap ~think

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    the carrot crunchers thank you wheelie superb effort , great day out thanks to nigel , the venue gets better everytime i go there fantastic breckie brilliant surroundings shouts of FORE every couple of minutes tickled me no end. they were as crap at golf as i am at fishing so i was in good company. nice to see all the hornby,s in attendance.

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    well done to roly on picking up the coverted trophy, I am tempted to rejoin the Tf clubsite just to fish barston

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    Glad you enjoyed it lads.

    It is getting better every year, KHV knocked me back a couple of years, buts recovered well now.
    That was nice fair match, everyone weighed in!

    Just think, it will be even better next year!~clap

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    Well done Rolly pure class mate…
    Looks like you all had a great day;]

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    Nigel I owe you an apology…….I have in my posession your ball point pen I “borrowed” Saturday ~sick ~sick …..

    I am totally ashamed of myself ~naughty ~naughty

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    haha, no worries Dave, i have a box full of them.
    (well i did have, lol)

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