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    right everyone payment details as follows i need asap £40 per person prefrably by paypal ([email protected]) this as previous years covers peg fee per day £10 per peg and £10 section prizes per day.there will also be an optional super pool each day of £10 which will pay out top 3 anglers on each zone ie zone 1 is lake 1 zone 2 is lakes 4,5,6& have until the end of may to pay after that reserves will be let onto the main list.unfortunately i cant make this years match due to holidays so you will be left in the capable hands of andy williams and rick baxter and there gang of helpers.

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    If we are confirmed on the other thread I assume we are okay to pay? Or is it only the first 50…..bit for the lads numbered 51+???

    Looks like only 40 odd confirmed?…….come on JO’D sort yourself out just cos your buggering off to Portugal no doubt! 🙂 😀

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    Just paid for me and Daz Wright

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    list now updated ian

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    John, I’ll bob round with the money in the next couple of days.

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    I’ve paid this morning John.

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    can you let me know method of payment when you post up as paid thanks

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    @redarmy wrote:

    can you let me know method of payment when you post up as paid thanks

    Bank transfer as agreed.

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    received steve thanks,micky d how did you pay?

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    come on gents get paying ive only recieved darren dodd and steve r so far

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    Paid got the email wrong oops

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    😀 doh

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    hi Johnpaid you at blundells

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    Come on Peeps, pay up pronto. John has already said he’s going away but is still taking the time and effort to organise the event for you so do the decent thing and help get it sorted sooner rather than later.

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    Paid John. PayPal cheers

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    Paid by Paypal John

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    Just paid by Paypal John

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    thanks to payers list updated

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    john paid by paypal today

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    John, just paid £120 for me, Harry Simpson (simosdad) and Steve Gilmore (stevethefish)!

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    just payed for myself and shaun rivers

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    cheers gents

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    John, trying to make payment via PayPal at the moment but account is playing up. Will try later.

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    Sorted John 🙂 .

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    cheers gaz

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    I need to cancel so can offer my place to someone else.thanks Steve

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