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    I have just finished watching the new series of the truth about feeder fishing dvds,starring alex bones,with guests alan scotthorne,and darren cox appearing on two of the four dvds in the series.
    all four dvds,covering the method,pellet feeder.cage feeder,and bomb,pva,cone,feature underwater footage,indepth bait and method coverage and tons of tips and advice throughout.all are impartial regarding tackle choices by alex,and well worth watching.

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    Sounds interesting, where can these DVD’s be found?
    I suppose I can Google that :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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    Yeap good ole Amazon have them covered for £30.00 – I’ll put them on my wish list to Santa 😀

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    Should he be talking into the camera whilst he’s driving? .Not much health and safety at match fishing mag then!. 🙂

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    I ordered mine from

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