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    This was my go to site all things fishing but it seems to have turned in to a bit of a stalemate of recent! I’ve seen many posts relating to problems and nobody seems to want help and or willing to comment on any problems people are having seems to be all about the advertising now!!

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    Never seems to be anyone on here,most of the time :confused:

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    Facebook has changed everything for specialist forums really.
    The chit chat goes on there and is instant – TF still has the ‘name’ and the reach – in fact more reach than ever – one recent post on Total-Fishing’s Facebook group (from a post on here) reached over 45,000 people and counting in just ten days (see below). It’s a case of moving with the times, not fighting against them.

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    Can’t be arsed with Faeces book. And a forum is only as good as the people who post. I have to admit to getting fed up looking for info on forums and getting nothing. And, when I was looking for clubs to join it seems they too advertise on FB and if you don’t do face book you can’t find out anything. I’ve been looking for a good skipper to fish with from Norfolk but a lot of them have FB …ah, progress!

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    Iit seems to have turned into a advertising site and a medium for posting results on nowadays…never been the same since it was”revamped” only my opinion!!!

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    It was ‘revamped ‘ ten years ago. And it had to be otherwise it would have stopped working.

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    Any forum is only as interesting as the questions being asked or the discussions being started.

    I,ve always tried to help if someone asks a question that I feel I could offer advice about. Also, have my own views on some subjects that have made for some interesting and sometimes heated discussions.

    Im sure there are plenty of anglers still checking the forum. Start some interesting threads and this forum will come to life again!

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    I still look now and again but like it’s been mentioned, Facebook is where most people are!

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