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    What are these like compared to other maver poles like the elite 88 or the match this 6sx.


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    there is a signature 800 in the sales column.

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    Hi Daz, a friend of mine was sponsored by Maver and had 1of the first signature 1000s, he really rated it, said it was marginally heavier than his 88 but not as it made a massive difference and he liked the “fighting 5&6” sections only I thought they made the pole a little too heavy, tip recovery very fast and also quite a bit stiffer than an 88, but overall a very good pole nonetheless, hope this helps.

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    My mate has got one,and used it 5-6 matches then,the next three matches in a row,the pole bust on the strike, twice no.6 and then the 13m section went in his hand,he still loves it though and wont hear a bad word said …haha

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    ok cheers guys…i had heard bout sections just bustin on strike….think al stick with my Garbo Super Legion

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    @Daz Newell wrote:

    ok cheers guys…i had heard bout sections just bustin on strike….think al stick with my Garbo Super Legion

    i personally thought the new garbolino super legion was the best new pole along with the map 901,that i have handled at a show this year.

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    thats the one av got new SL.
    I just love the finish on maver poles but i gotta admit my SL is somat else

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    You know my feelings on it Daz I have the 800 and it has been by the best Maver Pole Ive ever had and its had a fair bit of use and one snag session where it performed really well. The matchlite kits transform the pole at distance but imho they are not right for heavy elastics and more suitable for smaller carp and F1 fishing. I use a mixture of the powerlite and easyflow kits which are as strong as! The fighting 5 and 6 are invaluable for short fishing and margin work.

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    Yeah cheers Bob.
    Am undecided as to what to do as i do like my SL but i think i am a MAVER MAN at heart…

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    My mint condition signature 800 is still up for sale daz if your interested
    It really is like new

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    Thanks yiddo but i would have to get the 1000.

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    No worries mate the 800 is actually lighter than the 1000 even though it’s a lot cheaper.

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    Think am gunna stick with my SL anyhow

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    Don’t blame you mate

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