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      Corndawg moderator

        The Whale oil whatever thread,has been removed due to continuing altercations between certain posters.

        Having been warned twice now,they carried on,so now I have pulled the plug.

        If you want to swing handbags at dawn,meet up and do it on a beach somewhere,NOT on here….

        Healthy discussion,agreeing,disagreeing,fine,but when you start to get personal,it ends……

        I am sure you are all mature enough,and sensible enough not to let it get out of hand again..

        Next time,it won’t be just the thread going………….

        You have all been warned…..

        Si. (Moderator)

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        Corndawg moderator

          And to add to the above…..

          If I see ANY post or thread,which looks like it is intended to make another user react,I will have no hesitation in removing it…………

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            Well done mate, it just got pathetic.

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              Do you think that being provocative and getting the thread removed may have been a tactic to silence adverse comment about product in which there was a vested interest?

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                Sitting as a neutral, the whole thread seemed more like class room bullying rather than a sensible debate on whether a product was successful or not.

                The only redeeming factor about that thread was Dick tried it and wasn’t impressed on the first try and Noel is going to give it a fair trial and report back.

                On a lighter note, the only problem with Noel testing any bait is he that can’t catch fish anyway :o)

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                Corndawg moderator


                  It wasn’t the product,be it good,or bad….It was the blatant acts of slating another user,which if you wish to recall,you agreed NOT TO DO,when you agreed to the terms and conditions of the forums…..

                  A healthy discussion on the pro’s and cons of a certain bait,are acceptable,same as good humoured banter,but when it turns into an all out attack,I won’t think twice about pulling it,and pulling the plug on the offending persons log in details……

                  I know my knowledge of beach fishing is limited,having been unable to get often enough,but I know cheap digs when I see them,and I act accordingly.

                  If people cannot accept the terms and agreements they signed to,they can go and cause their trouble eslewhere………….

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                    Zonnkers on the other hand has an annoying habit of being able to winkle fish out when surrounded by poeple who are blanking. He’s nearly had to walk home on several occasions. Difficult when you are 12 miles offshore.

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                      Is that a record 2 threads removed in one week?

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                        Yep, I had you down as a troublemaker 1st time we met.

                        Mondays looking promising.

                        6am start though… no cafe. Better bring some of those blueys see if Steve will fry em up on the cooker for us.

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                        Corndawg moderator

                          ROFLMFBO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Absolutely top drawer …..

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