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    I’ve heard on the grapevine they have stocked with carp. Is this with fish from the main lake?
    I have booked the club in for a match, week on Sunday, anyone fished there recently?
    Any information on Tofts Silver Fish Lake would be appreciated.

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    Def carp in the Silvers lake Craig, no good fishing for silvers now. No longer just a silvers lake, despite the name.

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    Anyone with anymore info?

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    if you are the only club fishing it will be a match of two ends generally speaking. This lake has a habit of performing poorly between end pegs. Some have been catching on small method feeders tight to the stick ups. Pellets and dead maggot over groundbait doing some damage on the pole. Just pray you have nice weather as this lake suffers badly with wind and makes pole fishing a mare, and draw an end peg.

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    Just fish down the edge against the reeds. Feed as much as you can and fish paste on the hook. The carp are now about 5lb but you will gwt some doubles.

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    I’m building an idea of how to approach it.
    I might take a ride over in the week and have a dabble.

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    If you go on tuesday, there is a match on the silver pool. Some experts, so you could get some good tips. All the best.

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    How did you get on Craig?

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