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      I read with interest on match fishing website they are going to do a comparison on the top end poles from at least 3 manifacturers [ air z12 and trilogy] and they say there will be some sort of conclusion I for one am looking forward to this issue

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      load of nonsense IMO

      Theres next to nothing across top end poles from the last few years – with the right angler beind them, it makes very little difference

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      surely it is more about the rig, that is the bit that is in the water!! the pole will help if it is lighter, stiffer, stronger.

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      Match fishing, the air awesome, the Z12 incredible, the trilogy magnificent, pick the bones(no pun intended) out of that???

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      Match fishing, the air awesome, the Z12 incredible, the trilogy magnificent, pick the bones(no pun intended) out of that???

      Exactly, they will not bite the hand that feeds them. It would be editorial suicide. The only way you are going to get a truly independent assessment is to do it yourself, and that means going a bit further than the newsagents.

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      Ok i realise they prob wont say this is better than this but it would be nice if they did some measured tests like droop, downforce, strike recovery all at same length and my fave breaking strain[ well be honest it would be fun doing it to somebody elses £2500-£4000 pole]

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      To do that they would need some scientific knowledge and instruments they dont have. Its not just about setting them up and waggling them about. As has been said it will be all “the poles are great its down to personal choice” by the way the graphics too are top notch!!

      The manufacturers will have all the data as it will be their basis for design but they will not tell you. No dig at any one manufaturer they are all alike.
      We cannot even rely on line diameters being correct let alone breaking strain.

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      Chris, can you think of a top angler whos word you would trust who is truly independant?
      I struggle to think of any other product costing so much where you get no paperwork/technical blurb at all.
      In some cases 16m poles are not 16m, its scary.

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      It would have to be a completely independent assessment if i was to take it seriously.
      If your thinking of shelling out this sort of money on a pole, then there are all sorts of things to consider, not just the obvious.
      You have got too be able to read between the lines, then get out there and try them for yourself in a real world situation. Not easy, but certainly possible.
      I am not convinced that poles have come that far, only the marketing of them has.
      With regards specifically to matchfishing, I haven’t enjoyed the magazine for quite a while now, and this is purley down to the extent of how the advertising is leading the content.
      I buy it mainly through habit and am not really excited to see this comparison.

      Sorry to be negative and I hope i am wrong, but its how i feel about it and is purely my opinion.

      Saying all that, just buy the Daiwa 😀

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      surely the real problem is what is perfect for one person may not be the best for somebody else .

      realistically , is there really such a thing as ” the best pole “

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      Realistically probably not, but there is such a thing as ‘the best purchase’.

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      Just buy Daiwa is good advice in my opinion, but that is not to say other poles are not just as good, if not better!!!
      One issue I have with new poles is if you buy one and first time out a section drops in two you only get a replacement if the fault is deemed to be a manufacturing problem. If a section was damaged in transit or in the shop and you dont notice it you have a problem. They will assume you must have damaged it.
      This happened to a friend on a Daiwa top end pole.

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      Just the mere mention of “Top End Poles” is sure to attract attention, you know it’s just hype from the mags to sell a few more copies, you only have to look at the reaction on this site to such headlines “this Pole verses that Pole” etc.

      Ask any of the sponsored anglers if their brand is the best they are unlikely to say no! Not many un-sponsored anglers would even confess to their £3,000 pole being no good.

      So as for tests and trials it’s sure to get a few of us excited, but what are the criteria? As someone pointed out there is more criticism of “after sales service” than there ever is in the performance of the kit….. maybe start off by breaking the pole before fishing, and see where we go from there…that’s the true test of the Brand & the anglers patience !!


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      at the momement Alan Scothorne would be a good tester as he is not a bad pole angler[ pretty average] and whilst i think he is using a protertype pole at the moment his present company is not in compertion with the other pole manufatures

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      Though hardly ever mentioned, I believe the diameter of the pole is equally as important as the weight, stiffness and strength, unless of course you are in a showroom with no sidewind.

      I opted for Daiwa in the end as the colours go nicely with my black van. That said I believe them to be thinner than most.

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      Which magazine manages to test everything from cars to cameras without fear or favour. Perhaps they could be persuaded to cast their eyes over fishing tackle in the future.

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      Strength and posture play a big part in pole angling, get your posture right in particular and any decent poles a joy to use, set your box up wrong and sit cack handed and the best of poles will appear heavy and awkward.

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      I honestly think if you locked the top 20 anglers in a room and canvassed their opinion on top end poles they would all admit there is nothing between them all.
      In my case I have been loyal to Daiwa and as I have progressed up the models its been a case of having the luxury of interchangeable sections and top kits that has kept me there.
      If you have done the same with Shimano Preston Tri Cast Maver Garbolino etc you are likely to remain loyal fo rthe same reason.
      Obviously if you have had a bad experience you may switch brand but I guess lots are like me and stick with one manufacturer.
      Magazine features have one objective only, to encourage you to buy them and I am always wary of what is printed. That is not to be critical as we have some great young angling journalists out there but they dont know everything, including how to apply science to test things properly.
      If you throw in the argument about not upsetting advertisers you are unlikely to get any critical comment on anything. Thats just the way it is.

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