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    Two top matchmen both from Worcester were sponsored by Shakespeare. Free tackle , and a small money retainer . I was in this team and we earned it . Every year these 2 would go to Leslie’s of Luton . For a show in the shop . They got no extra money for fuel . Nothing for food , or even for time spent . But they did it because they loved it , and went back year after year . I think they came back with a few free pole floats as a thank you from the shop . Shakespeare had a new rod for sale , a great bit of kit for big chub or maybe barbel . A rod for a strong river that would pick up line at distance . Only problem the sales dept hadn’t properly consulted us , the sponsored anglers ,,and had it up for 12oz hooklengths and delicate stuff . A somewhat irate angler asks the Shaky lad who promptly told him , NO it’s crap for roach ! You’ll crack off but it’s great for 1.7 or 2,6 hooklengths . It was a great rod to possess , but not what it was marketed for . 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    Running out of paper . The Shaky matchman is one of life’s gentlemen . But in this instance his overriding honesty got him into trouble . Our irate angler with the rod he purchased for fine line decides to write a letter to the MD of Shakespeare complaining . But he also states the name of our team mate and that he had said it was crap for fine lines . Failing to mention what a great addition to his rod bag it truly was . 😮 Well the shit hit the fan and he was up in front of the Team Captain . Remember they went for free ! NOT fully payed professionals . Captain accepted his reasoning but had difficulty levelling it with the Company . My old teammate was never quite the same after that . 😮 😮 😮 Just to clarify this was in the 1990s . But still relevant .

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    well who was it looooool or you keeping that a secret

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    it’s not right to mention these two great old friends . It’s the message behind the story that’s important . One or two on here like a dig at sponsored anglers . These tackle companies give various amounts of free tackle to a few ! A very tiny amount of Top sportsmen are actually paid and can survive with what they are paid . All of these anglers need to pay mortgages and support families . Trying to lay blame for tackle problems should be laid firmly at the feet of the company of purchase . A free pole and the rest doesn’t mean they owe you an explanation . Some may have an input into tackle design , but the companies already have paid up staff anyway . The great new stuff that is designed may come from a brilliant angler ! But I ain’t heard of any matchmen getting rich from it ? Have you ? 😮

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    I used to be a sponsored angler fished for a top sponsored team until we folded cos it wasn’t worth running all over the country plugging the sponsors name for absolutely jack shit!!!!!remember a time we made it to the drennan final on woodlands view I actually spent 2k in 8 wks practising n getting my kit to suit the venue and on the day of the final they put 2 lakes in that was never in a practise match 8wks running up to final,there was uproar and they left 2 lakes out that was constantly used in practise,the fishing was totally different on these other two lakes to the rest of the complex,well that did it for me I used to get them to final with my bit in the bloodworm league then let some others take my place and a lot of others followed.

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    Bloody Hell it must of been you Paul 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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    No Joff the post says top match angler and then talks of a gentleman . :p :p :p

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