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      Another pole thread. Sorry.

      I’m looking for feedback from somebody who owns or has used both the Tourney Pro X and the new 2014 Airity.
      Sorry not interested in MAP or Tricast or Sensas or whether the poles are a true 16m.
      Nor am I interested in my mate’s mate’s Filipino girlfriend broke a No.4 on his Arity under unusual circumstances. Facts only please.

      I have used the original Tourney Pro for 5 or 6 years now, never a single breakage in normal use – wind blew the pole away once at Larford and broke sections, but never on a fish. I have hauled carp out of snags and pushed it through bushes on canals and never an issue. Proper workhorse of a pole. Not afraid of using black hydro through match kits with pullers or purple through carp top twos. Suits my style of fishing.

      Time to replace as getting a bit sloppy from use, as all poles do. I have 20+ top kits and it makes sense to stick with Daiwa. However I’m stuck between another Tourney Pro, I know it will do what I ask of it, or upgrading to the Airity.

      Question is does the new Airity have the strength and durability of the Touney Pro X or do the lighter, stiffer characteristics come at a cost?

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      tbh I think both will do what you want as I don’t think strength is an issue with either in normal use…..used mine at Larford, Glebe, Rolfs with purple and even red hydro occasionally used.

      I had the TP and Airity and can honesty say the major difference imo is when you go long i.e 14m+ or fish in a wind you notice the Airity is stiffer, less bounce, more control and thus better.

      When its new the shipping and finish are better imo but after a seasons use it seems to have deteriorated and is same old same old and a bit sticky on the silver sections when damp.

      I would buy another Airity if I was replacing mine….can’t justify the Air differential

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      There is a tackle dealer I know, who will remain nameless, who, for many years has always been a Diawa user and recommender!

      Not any more!

      He has in the last couple of years had to replace s really large number of broken sections for Diawa poles.

      So many that he and many of his customers have, or are going to switch brands.

      I was talking to one of his Airity owing customers who told me he is now using the FITH REPLACEMENT NUMBER SIX SECTION.

      Not a secondhand rumour but as the say, ‘straight from the horses mouth’.

      If a long term Diawa dealer/user loses confidence in their products, then they do have a problem which may be difficult to cure.

      Perhaps the improving competition has forced them to go a step too far and they are now paying the price which is starting to cost them dear.

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      I have had the pro x for a few years now, only section I have broke is the number 5 and it was my own fault. I have up to red hydro thru pullers, use it from silvers to carp , no problems with it what so ever. The mult bore kits used to explode but I don’t think they do them anymore.I got rid of my multi bores and use milo stripper kits , match tops and ctk tops .

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      I have had the old pro the black airity and the silver airity’s but not the new x45 model ! I like you abused my tournament and had complete faith in it and the same can be said for both of the airity’s that I owned pal I never broke a section on the airity’s apart from once and it was on the usual wind and roller situation ! I have a Garbo m1 now and love this it’s stiffer than the airity’s but would I go back to daiwa??? Yes no problem as the sections and spares are avilible all the time and they hold there value better than any other pole the airity will take anything you throw at it 100% I’ve had mine bent double pulling fish from snags I would like to have a feel of the new airity tho

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      I’ve had the tourney pro for a couple of years and had no problems, spares easy to get and its as tough as old boots, managed to break my No 6 through my own lack of talent it was easy to replace.
      I’ve used it for commercial carp and on the river with no trouble.

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      as you have all the top kits then buying the pole only is a real option worth considering, the airity x45 is around £2150 and the air £2699 the x45 has a closer wrap to give added strength to the lower sections I have not seen the 45 or the air close together to compare but have been told very little in it, is there £500 difference in the pole only option? only you can decide. 😉 😀 😀

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      Thanks for the feedback guys. Very much appreciated.
      Nice to know there are others out there putting these poles through their paces.

      Fred, yes that’s exactly what I am thinking. 16m Airity X45 pole only package.

      Bakerboy. Blowing out yer ass boy. Name the tackle dealer I’ll give him a call for some genuine feedback.

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      Craig i sold my silver Airity (pole only)about 3 months ago and bought the X45, weight just about the same, at 13mtrs nothing between the older model and the X45 the difference comes in when you go longer14.5-16mtrs noticeably stiffer, the latest Airity has new No 5,6 and 7 sections the carbon wrap is much tighter on these sections and are a matt finish (someone told me they are the same as the Air sections) as the advert says did not think Daiwa could improve on the previous Airity but they have. It has been said numerous times on this site and others no poles keep there value like a top end Daiwa.

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      @CriagH66 wrote:

      Thanks for the feedback guys. Very much appreciated.
      Nice to know there are others out there putting these poles through their paces.

      Fred, yes that’s exactly what I am thinking. 16m Airity X45 pole only package.

      Bakerboy. Blowing out yer ass boy. Name the tackle dealer I’ll give him a call for some genuine feedback.

      Sorry no name unless he gives his permission!

      He obviously still has to service his customers.

      As for ‘blowing out my ass’, I have up until now always been a Diawa owner and to be honest, every one I have owned has had a least one ‘mystery break’ at some point.

      The worst one I had was when I had a G8.

      Fishing a canal the number 8 section just fell into two pieces on a strike which never even hooked the fish.

      I changed pole maker after I had talked to a couple of tackle dealers and a few Airity owners and found that some of them were having recurring problems which in my opinion should not be happening to the extent they are.

      Others said they had had no problems at all.

      I am only telling what are actual facts – if you don’t believe me, so be it, it is no loss to me.

      I am only making people aware that there may be problems ahead.

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      I have the Air and a m8 has the x45 airity. The x45 has a closer pitch on the tape same as air and indeed g20. But I can tell you the sections are not the same as the air. The finizh is slightly different but the wall . strength is less on the new airity. On the 5 6 and 7 section. Its a nice pole .very ls close to an air .slightly less rigid at full legth with sligbty more bounce.

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      I am in the process of upgrading pole only from Pro X to Air.
      IMO durability is much of a muchness with Diawa top end poles and they do command good second hand values at resale time. You just have to justify the cost differences for marginal improvements in performance, stiffnes, response times and strength when deciding what to go for – they are all superb poles.
      Not owned an Airity but had original Pro & Pro X so decided to go straight in for top end pole this time around.
      Good luck choosing

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