tourny pro 13ft or preston excel 13ft

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    anyone offer any advice on choosing between these two rods,will be used on a variaty of venues.

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    You can’t talk about those two rods in the same sentence… Ones quality and the other is overpriced and chinese.

    The Chinese rod would be good if you payed what it was worth… About £60

    same as the shaky xt rods, well worth the money!

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    bloody hell Ive always thought Daiwa was Scottish/Japanese

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    There is nothing inherently wrong anymore with rods made in China. Thier ability to make excellent blanks is now as good as the Japs used to be. Tourney Pro’s are good but overrated and over priced, and not as versatile as the Prestons – I wouldn’t use less than 0.1 with it as it’s too fierce. Also, the Spectron is pretty much the same blank, but with different cosmetics, and much cheaper. I’d get a Garbolino Super G though probably, if I wanted a new 13′ rod.

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