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    On a new 1500 quid GXR 3001 i have been inspecting it all and doing the top kits etc. What i have noticed more than anything at this moment in time is the lack of quality given to the transfers marking section numbers, LERC badges, Sun Core etc. On the top kits, the transfers indicating Magic Steps are totally non readable and are just one big splodge and look quite frankly, Crap.
    I know transfers aint going to affect the pole’s performance and sounds like a moan from a tackle tart, but given the money spent, i would have thought that the finishing off of the equipment would be up there in the overall scale of appearance.
    I some how feel abit cheated!
    Now i got to thinking that it could just be on the batch that were made and issued to the shop were i had it from, so on my travells i went into anther shop nearly 250 miles from the shop i got mine from (driving about for work) and was looking at the PI stuff in that shop. All the Transfers were really naff, so it aint just the one i have.
    I have followed PI poles for years and when they were made by Lerc in France they were superb, now they are Reglass in Italy, the finishing is no were near as good.

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