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    As any one got any top 2s or top3s for this pole, I have contacted tri-cast through my local tackle dealer and was told that they would not make any sections for this pole, I think this is disgrateful as on there web-site it states that they will make sections for there poles up to 26 years old, I think people should think twice before investing a lot of money on a tri-cast pole with the promise that sections will be available the Vantage is probably ten years old. I hope someone has a vantage and is selling it.

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    I’d try contacting Tricast direct. I’m sure you may get a different answer

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    TF_adi fisherman

    ‘Subject to raw materials being available’ is the relevant line. Many carbon cloths are no longer available so they are unable to make sections with different cloth to the originals.

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    yes contact them direct, i had an old tricast pole a few years ago, as the factory is only 20 miles away from me i went directly to them…
    they were brilliant, and went out of their way for me, made me a new number 5.
    was expensive though!!

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    I had the same problem with the talisman pole they said they couldn’t get the material ????

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