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    Quick Question – Any owners on here? If so, how is the pole? are there any problems with any of the sections?

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    ive had 1 since they first came out and not had a single problem paddy,also had the trilogyxs before and again no problems whatsoever very strong poles.i weeded a carp in a big lilly bed a couple of months ago fishing long margin at 14mt i ended up full pole in the air black hydro bottomed out and the fish eventually came up in the middle and out.theres not many top end poles that would of done that without bits of carbon flying about.

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    Nice one RedA – that is what i expected to hear to be honest.
    A good freind of mine is just about to buy one, but at the last second, someone put an element of doubt in his mind regarding certain sections.
    Historically, Tricast have not really had many problems, so i was surprised to be honest.
    Getting other owners views is a great way of finding out and your reply tends to back up my view on Tricast.
    Cheers mate – any one else got one?

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    Tricast poles = bulletproof. Not much out there that will. Beat them on strength! Except scaffolding poles perhaps!

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    had 1 best pole ive owned by far, only sold it as needed to free up so money, will def get another 1 next year unless tricast bring out something even better great poles.

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    Sold my airity and bought one recently, head and shoulders above the airity in every department and ridiculously strong yet 100grams lighter at 16 mtrs which is a hell of a lot when your talking top end lightweight poles. Check out the price of spares in comparison to others as well, number 6 is less than £150 😉

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    Thanks Tez, Gaz and Stan – nuff said, that’s all i need to know, cheers for the advise,

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