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    A number of ways to do this . And I think worm and castor is responsible for a lot of success due to the ability to catch everything that swims and the expense the regulars can’t usually justify . Then there’s the thrash it in man who turns up with 12 pints of castors . He to wants success so bad that he does no profit and loss analysis , There’s also the guy who puts in an amount of pellets never seen before . There’s a top man from the North West goes to TBF and allegedly does this. A bloke beat me at Tunnel with a varnished banded hard pellet to qualify for match This. Bugger I had to fish for 5,ooo£ instead of Fifty Gand . Afterwards I told him he was lure fishing , not bait fishing .!!! Probably sour grapes . Then there’s the top match angler who goes anywhere he wants rarely goes home without a prize . Back to Yate near Bristol !! 😎 😎 😎

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    Interesting thing about most commercial match venues. Most anglers return week after week and follow the IN methods or baits. While many venue experts are quality anglers in their own right. They are often only a step or two a head of the other regulars. Thats what makes these venue experts, experts on the venue. That gives you an advantage. Your looking at the venue with a fresh look and not being influenced by the IN winning methods and baits. Its amazing how many times i,ve seen a pellet dominated venue produce a winning bag of fish on meat and hemp. Hemp being one of those feed baits that often gets over looked. I would never go to a new commercial match venue without loads of it. Corn can be devistating on venues that have seen loads of meat for several months. August/September being great months for chucking 6 tins of corn at a venue that has not seen a gran of corn since early March. Paste gets over looked on many venues once the fish have seen it a few times. The fish will soon switch back on to it if the venue experts are doing something else! Your bread method works on other venues, Paul. You just have to adapt the method to suit the winning weights needed and the size of fish but it will work. I, ve taken a few venues a part on my popped-up bread method and then walked away before the locals realised whats going on. Those venue experts are very quick to catch on to whats going on and follow your new trend. The fact that they are on the venue several times each week gives the venue expert the time to work things out and get that step a head again.

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    I would add corn to half of my mashed bread for down the edges and was convinced the bigger critters wanted it . Cat food aswell when the hot weather came . BIg f1s and carp loved this . Interesting though the big lump of soggy bread amongst it was still best . Soft bait being the key . You’re right , corn gets overlooked . Someone won a match on a freezing cold winters day at TBF with meat just to prove us all wrong .

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    Corns a very interesting feed in early summer on quite a few venues. They like it and are attracted to it but they often refuss to eat it. So, its a perfect holding bait for as you suggest. The bigger fish. The answer is often to fish a lump of paste over the top of it. Cat meat seems to work in a similar way on venues that have not seen much of it. Seen a few venues taken a part by this approach and the local venue experts never new a thing. Quite a few tricks that work for a hit and run on a venue that usually dominated by a few venue experts and everybody else chasing the IN methods/baits.

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    this is the best thread ive seen here in a long time
    and your both right

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    no politics in this one ! Back to fishing , Some very good carp men from b,ham used to win a few bob when they snook up on Boldings ..!!!! Trouble was they would take at least 8 pints of maggots and maybe 12 . Ohh. Shit I’ve gone on one again ?? Gues what ? The boss put a huge limit on it . They don’t go anymore !! Will resume later , I ain’t finished yet . 😀 😀 😀 😀

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    looking at the results at tbf i bet venue expert pete rice takes some turning over

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