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    Ripped off on prices for our top of the end tackle I think so .After just retuning from a trip across the channel I brought a new Rive r Roller the 800mm model the largest in the range for £88 yet they sell in the UK for £154 now that’s a big difference in anyone books !
    You can now buy many top named items from places like Bulgaria and its mostly post free yes I would much prefer to buy local but when you can get 2 for the price you would pay for one almost here and delivered to your door is this the way to go.

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    how about some contact details shop names email addresses

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    One online shop in France sells the Rive D36 for £200 less than advertised prices in the UK so I’m not surprised to hear of the saving on the Rive roller.

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    post some sites where you can buy from in europe plz

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    I got a shimano aero feeder reel online from a tackle shop in austria, The online price was 112 euros plus 9 euro p&p

    Most online shops in the uk wanted £139.99 plus p&p, Yep we are ripped off

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    PECHEUR .COM is a good site sell all the top brands Rive Sensas etc lot of stuff post free if you spend over a certain amount .

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    Google , and click on the heading Fishing tackle online shops . This gives websites all over Europe , including U.K.

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    I don’t see many tackle shop owners driving around in Bentleys do you? If selling fishing tackle is so lucrative why are so many tackle shops closing down? Would you set one up? And don’t say it’s because the gear is so expensive…. because that’s garbage. Retail outlets have to work to set margins in any industry to pay for all the costs. The Internet is great for the buyer but has made retail very difficult, especially smaller specialist retail which does not rely on huge volume and can therefore work to small margins. In fairness to the manufacturers they have for a long time operated a policy of mainly only supplying accounts that have a shop presence. This is to protect the tackle shop network so we don’t end up with a Decathlon or Sports Direct supplying all our fishing tackle. If you are only interested in price and not service then buy everything direct from China and be done with it. Buy online at the best price of course, but buy from a UK retailer.

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    I agree, its ok finding rods and reels on line but fresh bait would not be such a good thing. I know some do it but I have never tried it.
    On line has certainly made life harder for the small shop, most of the larger shops offer this service now. I was in Fisherman’s Friend a few months back, a small shop by the way for those who have not been and the guys told me that they were shipping all over the world. Benwick told me the same when I used them, so what goes around comes around.
    Even within the UK the net is a great source for finding lower prices, I bought a 12 foot top end rod last year for £257 it was on sale everywhere I looked at £350+ and it was delivered free. I don’t see this as a rip off, I just found a bargain and that can happen in lots of places on lots of different items.
    Buyer beware, shop around but preferably UK would be my advice..

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    I spend quite a bit of time working in Belgium.

    Funny how, with the current exchange rate, we’re all getting ripped off over here.

    Go back a year or so, when the Pound and the Euro were almost at parity, and nobody was complaining of being ripped off.

    If you’re fortunate enough to be able to buy stuff from the eurozone at the moment, go for it, why not?

    But don’t come on here talking Bollox about us being ripped off.

    There’s more to it than tackle companies and retailers…

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    Not many Bentleys no but perhaps a Porsche or two. At the end of the day you buy where you want to, be it here or abroad at the best price you can get as for buying from china well correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t most of the tackle in our tackle shops come from China and brought in large quantities

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    If tackle shops in Europe are selling the same tackle we get over here much cheaper and are still managing to make a living then something doesn’t add up surely?

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    The point made earlier about the exchange rate is a good one. The Euro is currently about 1.4 to GBP £, Not that long ago it was 1.1 and at one point almost 1. That’s a massive shift. If you look at a company like Rive who I understand make everything in France, It is likely that goods on sale in the UK have prices based on out of date exchange rates, on current rates they should be able to reduce prices by about 25% and still get the same Euros back.
    I am hurting as I bought a huge machine for work from Germany last year its almost 30% cheaper now!!!

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    Personally I do use the Internet -Benwick-Fosters-Nathan’s all good on line sites and reasonable prices but come on the local shop can’t be beat for service-back up-after sales .
    I use Banks & Burr and if your after a purchase tell them what you want they check internet prices and tell you the price they can do the gear for wether in stock or ordered from the manufacturer.
    This way you get the best of both worlds a fair price and legitimate quality gear not dodgy seconds or imitations plus guys get jobs and make a living.
    I just don’t get how people think that research development design doesn’t cost anything it’s easy to copy difficult to innovate.
    I wonder why Daiwa win best back up service year after year it’s not on the back of selling cheap tat that’s for sure !

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    I had a quick look last night on the French web site mentioned, its part of Decathlon. If you register as English the prices appear in £ as you might expect. However register as French and the prices are in Euro. The exchange rate they are using is not current. If you convert the Euro price to £ at 1.40 the current rate, the equivalent £ price drops by 15%.
    I only checked one item so I am not saying this is across the range. They could also be building in some shipping cost.

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