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    Just heard Grant Albutt won with Darren Cox third and Pete Bailey fifth……

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    well done grant top angler and a very very nice guy

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    dave smith

    bailey blows under pressure!

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    @dave smith wrote:

    bailey blows under pressure!

    I didn’t see your name in the top 5 Dave, or did i miss it somehow? It was his first attempt and he did well to finish where he did.

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    It was tough up there today.

    I spent a bit of time behind Pete Bailey today and at an earlier practice. I don’t think he could be faulted on mindset, preparation or ability and I’m confident, even though he’ll be disappointed, that we’ll see a lot more from him.

    How did Nige get on?

    He’d been catching when I left.

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    DAve smith-knob

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    Last round, Barston, 80 anglers.
    Tommy won for the second round on the trot! Peg 3 last time, peg 27 this time. Caught on method both times, and similar weights.

    Tommy Hiller 55 Kilo
    Adam Wakelin 42
    Simon Wilsmore 37
    Andy May 35

    Andy May 35
    Andy Findlay 27
    Tommy Hillier 55
    Adam Wakelin 42
    Jason Labosco 36
    Matt Smith 35
    Pete Goodman 25
    Mark Bartlett 22
    Trevor Robinson 22.7
    Steve Rothery 22.6
    John Hall 17
    Richie Hull 15
    Grant Albutt 19.4
    Kiron Rich 19.4
    Gaz Wood 31
    Adam Rooney 29

    With Pete and Darren tied gong into the last round, it was thought that one of them would win, but if they both slipped up, the any one of the following 7 anglers all teid on 9 points needed to win there section to have a chance of nicking the tournament and picking up the trophy and the £4,000 chq, and Grant Albutt couldent of got any close as he tied his section with Kieron rich and both shared 1 point each. Even if thay had had 1 ½ point each, Grant would have still won as he won by a clear point, but if he had dropped a point, he would have lost to Tommy Hiller who had the highest weight of the tournament with 229 kilos to Grants 183.
    Tommy’s total of 229 converts to 504lbs, over the 4 rounds. 73 kilo at Colmans Cottage, 34 kilo at Lindholme, and 66 kilo and 55 kilo at Barston.

    Top 40 after 4 rounds.

    Grant Albutt 10
    Tommy Hiller 11
    Darren Cox 11
    Matt Smith 12
    Pete Baily 12
    Gaz Wood 12
    John Hall 12
    Rob Wooton 13
    Pete Bennet 13
    Kieron Rich 14
    Chris Vandervelt 14
    Jon Arthur 15
    Adam Wakelin 15
    Trevor Robinson 15
    Pete Goodman 15
    Andy May 16
    Tommy Pickering 16
    Jason Labosco 16
    Nick Speed 16
    Steve Baraclough 16
    Richie Hull 16
    Tom Scholey 16
    Simon Fry 17
    Rob Perkins 17
    Phil Ringer 17
    Mark Polard 18
    Gavin Vernon 18
    Dave Swain 18
    Paul Yates 19
    Adam Richards 19
    Paul Holland 19
    Dave Roberts 19
    Andy Finlay 19
    Nigel Harrhy 19
    Lee Thornton 20
    Mark Jones 20
    Andy Neal 20
    Steve Ringer 20
    Gareth Malham 21
    Mike Dagnal 22

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    dave smith

    i only got 2 bites, but they were proper wraps!

    big roach hello sexy boy. how you doing?

    T J. ive heard you are a real looker, fancy going for a drink sometime? p.m me, we dont want any filth talk on here do we

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