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    Trevor Robinson has entered this years UK Champs, and hasent contacted me since. I only have his email, and no number, does anyone know him, or where he is from please? (not answering emails)

    Also, someone has sent me £60, no name, no entry form, no nothing, (wrong amount too) Miss S Rushton on the chq?
    Anyone know a Miss S Rushton?

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    Neil Machin would have trevs number, or anyone in the Maver midlands team since thats who he fishes for.

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    TF_Admin Girl

    Hi Nigel

    That is Trevor’s partner.

    Try using this email address for him

    [email protected]

    Regards, Kirsty

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    As previously said thats trevs girl friend,,, ill pm u his phone number.

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    Excellent, thanks all, sorted now, i have spoken to him.

    I searched all emails to and from him, searched though the waiting list details, searched old paperwork.

    I typed his no into my phone, and at the top it said:

    Calling ‘Trevor Robison’, bugger, the only place i didnt look was my own phone!!!

    Thanks all, sorry about that!~clap

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    nige that is priceless!

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    Now Nigel is sorted can a mod delete/remove sam’s email addy from the thread?
    To stop Trev/Sam from getting loads of spam

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    or bodge sending photos of himself in a thong

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    Brilliant Nige!!!!

    What were you saying about useless disorganised mates the other week???!!!

    That’s come back and bitten you on the arse lmao!~clap ~clap ~clap ~clap

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