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    I was fortunate enough to break the 5 hour and 3 match record at springwood with catches of 63lb 5 hour record and 45lb 3 hour record,fishing paste and bread shallow.

    The venue is fishing brilliantly at the moment.

    Anyone that is interested they hold opens thursday evening.saturday day and sunday day.

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    Nice one mate, well done.

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    Nice one JGG.

    Its certainly turning into a nice fishery.

    Will be back there once there are some guaranteed numbers on the matches.

    Someone I know went to fish a Sunday match a few weeks back and it was pegged around the pleasure anglers on top lake so he went home.

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    Well Done Baz, not bad for the venue expert…

    What’s the attendance like on the Thursday evening matches? and what are the timings?

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    a up Dave,did you have a good trip?

    Getting around the 10 mark for the evening matches,draw at 5 fish 6-9.

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    Gibraltar was OK, a change of scenery for 3 weeks anyhow, managed to avoid the weather over here, but I’ve lost complete touch with Rycroft now.

    Getting there for 5 could be a bit tight for me. What’s his ‘current’ list of rules like?

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    If you can’t make it for 5,ring colin up and he will leave you a peg in the bag.
    No floating pole
    Inline feeders only
    No floating baits
    2 keepnets.1 carp/1 silvers.
    Must use fisheries own pellets

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