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      Has anyone got either a G995 or super legion they are selling? Or know of someone who has one for sale?

      Money waiting for the right pole.

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      I might be persueded to sell mine, where are you based?

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      I’m in sunny dorset.

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      Well i am in not so sunny Cheshire so how do we overcome that?

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      blunthook what do you want for your 995? I take it you have a 995 and not SL? Mail me if you will with a price?

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      Nick I have a 995 that you could have, £1000 and its yours Rich

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      Zammo1001 in all fairness i will give ndm3108 first refusal as i answered his request and not the other way round. If we cannot sort it i will get in touch with you and see if we can sort something out.And yes it is a 995 but i also have a carp match that has only been used once.

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      Fair enough i understand

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      to both nick and blunty im going to the weaver match week thursday if thats any help

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      herbie, if you’re going to the match I’m running it’s on the Fri 28th, bluntys down for that as well. (depending on the size of his bottle)

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      mail sent blunty.

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      poolfodder you have made my day i can now go to linholme on the 27th. bloody hell id better get the wife a realy good pressy over £ 5

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      Steve i can no longer do the Weaver match due to having to take the wife to the hospital.
      I will still donate a bottle and give a hand with the weigh in as i will be back by then.~clap

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      Bloody hell Blunty take her out for a meal you tight git!

      Hope things go well mate.

Viewing 13 reply threads

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